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How many district in Bago Region?

How many district in Bago Region?

four districts
Administrative divisions Bago Region occupies an area of 39,400 square kilometres (15,214 sq mi) divided into the four districts of Bago, Pyay, Tharrawaddy and Taungoo.

What Region is Bago?

Western Visayas
Bago, Negros Occidental

Region Western Visayas
Province Negros Occidental
District 4th district
Launched June 24, 1575

How many Townships in Bago Region?

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How many townships are in the Yangon division?

45 townships
Administrative divisions Yangon Region consists of 4 districts and 45 townships. Of the 45, the city of Yangon now encompasses 33 townships.

What is the history of Bago City?

The earliest recorded history of Bago City dates back from the 17th century when a group of settlers from Panay crossed the Guimaras Strait and migrated to Negros. Some of those settlers went to the banks of Bago River, one of the largest river in Negros Island. These settlers made the rapid growth of the community.

What is Bago City known for?

Natural treasures
Bago City is a city in Negros Occidental, known for its Historical sites and Natural treasures, it has been nicknamed “The Home of Historical and Natural Treasures” as well as it is known for providing the province of Negros Occidental, Rice, nicknamed then “Rice Granary of Negros Occidental”.

How many districts are there in Sagaing region?

11 districts
As of 2021, Sagaing Region consists of 11 districts and 1 Self-Administered Zone divided into 34 townships with 198 wards and villages. The major cities are Sagaing, Shwebo, Monywa, Ye U, Katha, Kale, Tamu, Mawlaik and Hkamti.

What is the area of Yangon?

231.2 mi²
The city of Yangon covers a surface area of 598.75 km2 (231.18 sq mi). The population density comes to approximately 12,308 individuals living per square kilometer in the urban area of Yangon.

What is the capital of Mon?

Administrative divisions. Mon state has a capital of Mawlamyine, the fourth largest city in Myanmar. It was formerly known as Moulmein under the British colonial rule till the late 1980s.

How many townships are there in Mon State?

ten townships
There are ten townships in Mon State spread across two districts, Mawlamyine and Thaton. Ye Township in south-‐eastern Mon State also has two sub-‐townships, Khaw Zar and La Mine. According to the Myanmar Information Management Unit (MIMU), there are place codes for over 1100 villages in the state.