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How many employees does Catholic Medical Center have?

How many employees does Catholic Medical Center have?

CMC is one of New Hampshire’s largest health systems, licensed for 330-beds, with an affiliated medical staff of over 400 providers and more than 3,000 employees. We serve more than 180,000 patients each year, offering a wide variety of healthcare services in a highly technical and mission-oriented environment.

How many beds does CMC in Manchester have?

Identification and Characteristics

Name and Address: Catholic Medical Center 100 McGregor Street Manchester, NH 03102
Type of Facility: Short Term Acute Care
Type of Control: Voluntary Nonprofit, Other
Total Staffed Beds: 261
Total Patient Revenue: $1,302,336,229

How many beds does the Catholic Medical Center have?

Catholic Medical Center/Number of beds
Catholic Medical Center is a licensed 330-bed, full-service health care facility dedicated to providing health, healing and hope to all. CMC offers innovative, quality medical-surgical care with more than 25 subspecialties, inpatient and outpatient services, diagnostic imaging and a 24-hour emergency department.

Why is Vellore famous for hospitals?

Scudder, CMC Vellore has brought many significant achievements to India, including starting the first College of Nursing in 1946, performing the first reconstructive surgery for leprosy in the world (1948), performing the first successful open heart surgery in India (1961), performing the first kidney transplant in …

Who built CMC Vellore?

Ida S. Scudder
In 1900, the Christian Medical College was started by Ida S. Scudder, an American missionary, as a one-bed clinic to serve women. In 1902, she built the 40-bed Mary Taber Schell Memorial Hospital for women and children, named after the donor’s wife.

Who owns CMC Vellore?

Christian Medical College Vellore

Motto Not To Be Ministered Unto, But To Minister
Type Private
Established 1900
Principal Anna Pulimood
Director Peter John Victor

What was the year of CMC?

The CMC Story The Christian Medical College Vellore, located in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, is an unaided minority educational institution established in the year 1900.

Who is the founder of Catholic Medical Center?

The origin of Catholic Medical Center (CMC) is rooted in the devotion of religious community members wanting to provide healthcare to Manchester’s residents. The hospital’s story began in 1858 with the arrival of Mother Mary Gonzaga, one of the original Sisters of Mercy from Dublin, Ireland.

What’s the mission of the Catholic Medical Center?

Health, healing and hope have been the foundation of Catholic Medical Center’s mission for over 100 years. We are proud to offer innovative high quality services, compassion and respect for the human dignity of every individual who seeks or needs our care as part of Christ’s healing ministry through the Catholic Church.

How to contact the Catholic Medical Center ( CMC )?

If you need a primary care provider, please call CMC’s Primary Care Access Line at 603.314.4750 (M-F). How do I find out if a practice is accepting NEW PATIENTS? For primary care practices, please call our Primary Care Access Line at 603.314.4750 (M-F). For all other practices, please view the list below these FAQs.

When did Catholic hospital and Catholic hospital merge?

After decades of providing medical services separately, the two hospitals merged in 1974, forming CMC. With the dedication of a new building in 1978, the hospitals were able to combine resources and medical services, and strengthened the religious community’s ability to provide patient care in the spirit of Christ.