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How many parts are there in I Am Number Four?

How many parts are there in I Am Number Four?

I Am Number Four, The Power of Six, The Rise of Nine, The Fall of Five, The Revenge of Seven, The Fate of Ten. The first six novels in the New York Times bestselling Lorien Legacies series are included in this collection: I Am Number Four: The book that started it all . . . Nine of us came here.

Where can I watch I am Number 4 2021?

How to Watch I Am Number Four. Right now you can watch I Am Number Four on HBO Max. You are able to stream I Am Number Four by renting or purchasing on Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, and iTunes.

Is the I Am Number Four series over?

The nine teenagers have special powers known as the Legacies and belong to a group known as the Garde. The Garde are protected by charm and they can only be killed in numeric order but only when they are far apart. The first three members of the Garde have been killed, John, who is number four is the next in line.

Is I Am Number Four 2?

Considering the amount of time that’s passed since the release of the first movie, a direct follow-up is unlikely. There’s a chance I Am Number Four could be remade or retooled as TV series in the future, but the chances of a sequel featuring the return of Alex Pettyfer and Teresa Palmer are pretty low.

What’s in the box in I Am Number 4?

After Henri’s death, Four, Six, Sam open the chest and examine the items within. Four discovers the Xitharis, the Diamond Bladed Dagger and the crystal ball that makes Four and Six feel sick.

Is there part 2 of I Am Number Four?

Exclusive: Actor Alex Pettyfer honestly answers why he thinks a sequel to 2011’s I Am Number Four directed by DJ Caruso has never happened. Actor Alex Pettyfer gave an honest answer to why he thinks a sequel to 2011’s I Am Number Four has never happened.

Does Netflix have the number 4?

” I Am Number Four ” has been added to the streaming service, Netflix announced in an email to subscribers.

Who does six end up with?

Sam Goode. Sam is Six’s love interest and in The Revenge of Seven they become a couple. Six confirms that she likes Sam a lot, but in Power of Six it seems her feelings for John are stronger.

When did I Am Number Four come out?

The book was published by HarperCollins on August 3, 2010, and spent seven successive weeks at #1 on the children’s chapter of the New York Times bestseller list. DreamWorks Pictures bought the rights to the film in June 2009; it was released on February 18, 2011 and was the first DreamWorks movie to be distributed by Disney’s Touchstone Pictures .

What is the meaning of the number 4?

With four, we usually focus on the three core values: love, support and encouragement, development of skills and talents, and planning. But all core numbers also possess secondary traits which can be equally as important. The number 4 resonates with energies that relate to: and dependability.

How big is a number 4 haircut?

A Number 4 haircut is longer leaving a medium length cut of around 1/2 inch. A 5 haircut comprises of 5/8 inch of hair on the scalp. A person can request for either of the hair lengths starting from short clipper guard sizes: (0, 1, 2, 3, 4) to more longer ones: (5, 6, 7, 8, 10), depending on what he wants based on the sizes detailed below.

Where does number four die in I Am Number Four?

Four is asleep in a small town in Arizona when the Mogadorians find and kill Number One. The pain is so intense that it wakes him from his sleep. Henri moves himself and John to Minnesota the next day. Two’s death happens in the middle of a spelling bee in Colorado when he is twelve.