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How much is an original Cabbage Patch Doll in the box?

How much is an original Cabbage Patch Doll in the box?

The original dolls sold for RRP $30 in the ’80s but today, some Cabbage Patch Dolls with birth certificates and adoption papers are fetching into the hundreds. A 1986 Cabbage Patch Doll called Anna Greta with double popcorn red hair, adoption papers and a pacifier sold for $810 on April 6 this year.

What Cabbage Patch dolls are worth money?

While it is hard to say which is the most valuable Cabbage Patch Doll, generally the following dolls are of most value to collectors: Original Coleco CPK (1983 and 1984) Cabbage Patch Twins. Dark skinned 1983 Cabbage Patch Kids.

How do I know if my Cabbage Patch Doll is real?

For instance, if your doll is completely made of vinyl and sports a Coleco brand name, then you can be sure that your doll is a fake, as Coleco created cloth-bodied dolls. However, if your doll sports the appropriate brand for its body type, then you can be assured that your Cabbage Patch Kid is authentic.

What year did the Cabbage Patch dolls come out?

Cabbage Patch Kids are a line of one-of-a-kind cloth dolls with plastic heads first produced by Coleco Industries in 1982. They were inspired by the Little People soft sculptured dolls sold by Xavier Roberts as collectibles and registered in the United States copyright office in 1978 as ‘The Little People’.

What size was the original Cabbage Patch doll?

Each toy originally had its own birth certificate, adoption paper, and a unique name. What size is a Cabbage Patch doll? Cabbage Patch Kids come in a few different sizes, but most original Cabbage Patch Kids are 14 to 18 inches tall. They are about 10.5 inches around the waist.

What was the original price of Cabbage Patch dolls?

One did not buy a Cabbage Patch Kid, one adopted him or her, and the cost of the doll was the ”adoption fee.” These original dolls are still in production in Cleveland and sell for from $125 to $1,000.

Are old Cabbage Patch dolls worth anything?

Your vintage cabbage patch kid may be worth a lot of money if it’s in pristine condition, with some listed up to $3000 on collectors forums & eBay. While dolls out of their boxes sell for hundreds, some of the rarest dolls have been valued up to $50,000.

What is the value of a 1984 Cabbage Patch doll?

A 1984 Cabbage Patch Doll by Coleco as you have described is valued at $30 without the box. and $45 with the original box.

How can you identify Cabbage Patch dolls?

Look for Xavier’s signature. True Cabbage Patch Kids have his trademark signature on their left butt cheek. The color of the ink used depends on the year, but the most common colors were blue and green. Ascertain the materials used to make up your Cabbage Patch Kid’s hair.