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How old was Maria Mitchell when she died?

How old was Maria Mitchell when she died?

It was June 28, 1889 when she died at 70 years old in Lynn, Massachusetts. In Nantucket, the Maria Mitchell Observatory is named after the honor of one of the most noted female astronomers who truly made a mark in history.

When did Marion Mitchell Morrison change his name?

When his parents decided to name their next son Robert, his name was changed to Marion Mitchell Morrison. His family moved to Glendale, California in 1911; it was neighbors in Glendale who started calling him “Big Duke”, because he never went anywhere without his Airedale dog, who was Little Duke.

Who was Maria Mitchell and what did she discover?

An American astronomer, Maria Mitchell is most prominently known for discovering a comet which was then called “Miss Mitchell’s Comet.”.

Where was Maria Mitchell of Nantucket, MA born?

Maria Mitchell was born on August 1, 1818, in Nantucket, (which is 30 miles away from Cape Cod ), Massachusetts to Lydia Coleman Mitchell, a library worker, and William Mitchell, a schoolteacher and amateur astronomer.

Maria Mitchell never married. Throughout her life she remained close to her parents and siblings, and took care of her father after her mother’s death in 1861. She died on June 28, 1889, at the age of 70, in Lynn, Massachusetts.

What did Maria Mitchell’s father do for a living?

Her father taught her to operate a number of astronomical instruments including chronometers, sextants, simple refracting telescopes, and Dolland telescopes. Mitchell often assisted her father in his work with local seamen and in his observations of the night sky.

Where did Maria Mitchell go to primary school?

Growing up in a typical Quaker community which emphasized on girls’ education and women’s equality, Maria and her sisters received a high-quality education at par with their brothers. She received her primary education from Elizabeth Gardener’s small school and later moved to the North Grammar school, where her father was the first principal.