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How old was Tommy Davis when he joined the Dodgers?

How old was Tommy Davis when he joined the Dodgers?

Tommy Davis was born on Tuesday, March 21, 1939, in Brooklyn, New York. Davis was 20 years old when he broke into the big leagues on September 22, 1959, with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

When did Tommy Davis hit his walk off home run?

Every one of them is in the Hall of Fame. On June 18, 1962, Tommy Davis hit a game-ending home run off Bob Gibson, the thirty-ninth home run of his career, and the fourth walk-off homer in his career.

Who is Tommy Davis and what does he do?

Davis was a senior-level Scientologist, spokesman for the Church of Scientology, and a member of the Church of Scientology ‘s Sea Organization or “Sea Org”. He is a member of the International Association of Scientologists, and as of 2006 was listed as a Patron in their publication Impact Magazine.

When did Tommy Davis move to Austin Texas?

Between 2011 and 2013, Davis did not make any public appearances in the media. In June 2013, it was revealed that Davis and his wife had relocated from Gold Base in Riverside County, California to Austin, Texas.

When did Tommy Davis join the Baltimore Orioles?

August 18, 1972: Traded by the Chicago Cubs to the Baltimore Orioles for Elrod Hendricks. February 12, 1976: Released by the Baltimore Orioles. February 24, 1976: Signed as a Free Agent with the New York Yankees. April 6, 1976: Released by the New York Yankees.

When was Tommy Davis drafted to the Houston Astros?

October 15, 1968: Drafted by the Seattle Pilots from the Chicago White Sox as the 16th pick in the 1968 expansion draft. August 30, 1969: Traded by the Seattle Pilots to the Houston Astros for Sandy Valdespino and Danny Walton. June 22, 1970: Purchased by the Oakland Athletics from the Houston Astros.

How did Tommy Davis learn to play baseball?

Davis learned the inside game of baseball from his coach on a Kiwanis League team, Clarence Irving. Irving was the only African-American manager in the league and he drilled the fundamentals into his players. The team was made up of all the different ethnic groups in Brooklyn’s melting pot.

Who was in center field for the 1960 Dodgers?

Davis saw the most action of anyone in center field for the 1960 team, starting 57 games there. One foggy night, he made a Willie Mays-type over-the-shoulder grab in front of the Los Angeles Coliseum’s centerfield wall, 425 feet from home plate.

Who was former Dodger center fielder Willie Davis?

– Former Dodger Shortstop Maury Wills in The Los Angeles Times (Keith Thursby, ‘Willie Davis dies at 69; former Dodger center fielder’, 03/10/2010) Did you know that Willie Davis was a three-sport letterman in baseball, basketball, and track & field at Theodore Roosevelt High School?