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Is Cam Jansen a detective?

Is Cam Jansen a detective?

Cam Jansen mystery series A series of books following the exploits of a fifth-grade female detective named Jennifer “Cam” Jansen and her best friend Eric.

What reading level is Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the stolen diamonds?

Cam Jansen: The Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds #1

Interest Level Reading Level ATOS
Grades 1 – 3 Grades 1 – 4 3.2

What guided reading level is Cam Jansen?

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Reading Level Reading Level
Cam Jansen And The Millionaire Mystery Series: Cam Jansen (Book: 32) Adler, David A. 9780142427477 Fiction Paperback L 3.4
Cam Jansen And The Secret Service Mystery Series: Cam Jansen (Book: 26) Adler, David A. 9780142410745 Fiction Paperback L 3.6

What grade is Cam Jansen in?

Cam Jansen I Grades 2-3.

Do I have an eidetic memory?

Being able to vividly retain an image in your mind after only brief exposure to it is incredibly rare. It’s known as eidetic memory. Some initial tests have suggested that a small percent of children and a smaller amount of adults have this special ability.

What age group is Cam Jansen?

Ages 7-11.

Who are the characters in Cam Jansen Mysteries?

Cam Jansen Mysteries Series. Cam Jansen is a crack detective with a photographic memory. Together with her friend Eric, she solves every mystery that comes her way.

Who is the author of the Cam Jansen books?

A SUPER SPECIAL Cam Jansenand the Summer Camp Mysteries — 3 full-length mysteries in one book. Questions and Answers with David A. Adler, author of the Cam Jansen books

What did Cam Jansen do at the Hobby Show?

Fifth-grader Cam Jansen has the perfect chance to show off her amazing mental camera at the community hobby show — especially at the Babe Ruth exhibit of baseball cards and other collectibles. But when the prized baseball, autographed by Babe Ruth,

When did Cam Jansen and the Spaghetti Max mystery come out?

Rating: Order Book Date Rating 33 Cam Jansen and the Spaghetti Max Mystery Oct-2013 2 34 Cam Jansen and the Joke House Mystery Sep-2014 2 Cam Jansen Fun Book Sep-1992 0 Cam Jansen and the Summer Camp Mysteries Apr-2007 2