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Is Esperanza Rising a good book?

Is Esperanza Rising a good book?

Great Book! Esperanza Rising is a phenomenal historical fiction novel, and you’ll find yourself cheering for Esperanza from the first pages of the book! I definitely recommend this story to people that enjoy historical fiction and realistic fiction.

What age should read Esperanza Rising?

The publisher, Scholastic, lists the book as appropriate for ages 8 and up. I read this book to my children about one year ago, when Tristan was 7 and Kara was 12. They both loved it.

Why should students read Esperanza Rising?

For young readers of Esperanza Rising, this novel provides an opportunity to learn about the plight of Mexican workers during the Great Depression and reflect on what it takes to rise above tragedy, adversity, and the harsh realities immigrants often face.

What was the best part of Esperanza Rising?

What is your favorite part of Esperanza Rising? One of my favorite scenes is when Esperanza gives Isabel the doll. It’s a turning point for her. The doll represents the last piece of her previous life and she relinquishes it.

Is Esperanza Rising a kids book?

Children’s Book Review: Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan, Author, Pam Munoz Ryan, Author Scholastic Press $17.99 (272p) ISBN 978-0-439-12041-8.

Is Esperanza Rising sad?

During the story Esperanza felt sad because she missed her late father, her home, her mother and her grandmother. Esperanza also exhibits anger because they moved to California for freedom and to escape their uncles and they found no freedom, no rights and bad luck seemed to follow them everywhere.

What is the message of the book Esperanza Rising?

On one important level Esperanza Rising is a heartwarming story of a young girl who learns the importance of love and sacrifice for family and friends, but on another level it is also a lesson in the cultural as well as personal struggles that poor families, especially immigrants and farm laborers, must experience.

What is the summary of the book Esperanza Rising?

Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan . PLOT SUMMARY. The story is about a young, wealthy, Mexican girl named Esperanza who is accustomed to a priveledged lifestyle. After her father dies and her house is burned down, her mother chooses to flee Mexico.

What is the main idea on the book Esperanza Rising?

At the beginning of Esperanza Rising, the main idea was that those who stand for nothing fall for everything. Esperanza was a ”princess” in having everything that she wanted.

Who is the author of Esperanza Rising?

Esperanza Rising is a 2000 young adult novel written by Pam Muñoz Ryan. Set in post-Revolutionary Mexico and in California during the time of the Great Depression, it examines the plight of the Mexican farm workers as they struggle to adapt and survive in the United States.

What awards has Esperanza Rising won?

The book Esperanza Rising has won many awards including the Pura Belpre Medal, The Jane Addams Peace Award, an ALA top ten books for young adults, and the Americas Award Honor Book. Many of her other books have won awards too. After college she knew she wanted to work in a profession that had something to do with books.