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Is McCracken an Irish name?

Is McCracken an Irish name?

Mccracken Name Meaning Northern Irish and Scottish (Galloway): Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Reachtain, Ulster variant of Mac Neachtain (see McNaughton), with the replacement of n by r in the cluster cn that is characteristic of Ulster Irish.

What clan does McCracken belong to?

Both are McNaughton in origin, the name being derived from the Gaelic for McNaughton, Macreachtan.” It does not appear to be coincidental that shortly after the surname McCracken became a sept of Clan MacNaughton Association, USA a James Wilson McCracken of Sacramento, California became the President of the Clan …

Where is the McCracken family from?

McCracken is a hereditary surname derived from Ulster and nearby Galloway, Scotland. It is an Anglicisation of Mac Reachtain an Ulster Gaelic variant of the patronymic surname Mac Neachtain (commonly Anglicised as McNaughton).

What is the Mccrackin?

McCrackens are originally Scottish and speakers of the Scottish Gaelic language, a cousin to Irish. Gaelic. While today, Gaelic is only spoken by a few thousands, it was the language of most of the. people of the north and west of Scotland until after 1900. The McCracken history comes from a long.

Is McCracken a common last name?

How Common Is The Last Name McCracken? The surname is the 17,008th most frequent surname internationally It is held by approximately 1 in 223,353 people.

How many people have the last name McCracken?

How many haplogroups are there in the McCracken project?

There are 20 major Y-DNA haplogroups designated with the letters A through T. In the McCracken Project there are currently three grouped haplogroups I, R & E. Members haplogroups have been either predicted or confirmed (tested) by Family Tree DNA.

Where did the McCracken family live in Scotland?

A goal of the McCracken Project is to locate if possible, down to the Civil Parish level, the McCracken “genetic homelands” in Scotland and Ireland. McCracken families during the 17th Century are shown to have lived in Wigtownshire and Ayrshire, Scotland as well as Ulster Province, Ireland.

Where did the macrackens get their name from?

The Gallwegians, hearing the Gaelic pronunciation of “MacNachtan” with an “r” in it, called the new people the “MacRactans”. “Mc” is an abbreviation of “Mac” common in both Scotland and Ireland. Here is the progression from “Mac Nachtan” to “McCracken”.

Who are the children of James McCracken Sr?

4. James McRackan Sr.,born Galloway, Scotland in 1740 & died before Dec. 1816 at Fayetteville, Cumberland County, North Carolina. A tailor by trade & an American Revolutionary War Patriot. Believe buried at Cross Creek Cemetery No. 1 along with his wife Margaret. Children were James, Robert, John, Thomas & Elizabeth.