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Is Telugu the best language?

Is Telugu the best language?

Telugu is the 15th most spoken language in the world, surpassing the likes of Turkish and Urdu. In 2012, the language’s script was voted as the 2nd best script in the world by International Alphabet Association while the Korean language was voted as the best script.

Do more people speak Telugu or Tamil?

According to the US Census Bureau’s 2012-2016 American Community Survey five-year estimates data release, 3,21,695 people over the age of five speak Telugu at home. Tamil also figures on this list, with 2,38,699 people speaking Tamil at home. This is the first time that the number of Telugu speakers has been counted.

Why is Telugu so special?

Telugu is one the oldest languages in the world The Dravidian languages are considered some of the oldest ever spoken. There are records of Telugu having been used for literature and poetry since the 11th century, but the first written materials in this language are dated back to 575 CE.

How common is Telugu?

Telugu is the third most widely spoken Indian language in the US. Hindi tops the list followed by Gujarati. Telugu beats Bengali and Tamil in the number of Indian language speakers in the US. As per the census, 3,65,566 people at age over five speak Telugu at home.

Is Telugu best language in India?

It is one among the six languages designated as a classical language of India in the country. Telugu ranks fourth among the languages with the highest number of native speakers in India, with nearly 82 million speakers as per the 2011 census, and 15th in the Ethnologue list of languages by number of native speakers.

What are Telugu speakers called?

Speakers of Telugu refer to it as simply Telugu or Telugoo. Older forms of the name include Teluṅgu, Tenuṅgu and Teliṅga.

What’s the difference between Tamil and Telugu in India?

Tamil vs Telugu. Tamil and Telugu are two of the many languages spoken in India. They show differences between them although they belong to the Dravidian family of languages. Philologists have named the four languages, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam as the ones that come under the Dravidian family of languages.

Which is the oldest language Tamil or Telugu?

The difference between Tamil and Telugu is that the Tamil language is the oldest languages among all the Dravidian languages in India. It is more than 2000 years old and is dated between 3 BC and 3 AD. On the other hand, the first inscription of the language Telugu was only in 575 AD.

Which is the official language of Tamil Nadu?

Tamil is the official language of the state of Tamil Nadu whereas Telugu is the official language of the state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Tamil is said to be influenced by the Sanskrit language to a great deal while on the other hand, Telugu is independent of the Sanskrit language and has adopted words from Greek, Urdu, Chinese, Marathi.

Why are there so many words in Tamil?

The languages are mere by products of time, people, geography and neighbours. Just means of communicating with each other. That is the reason the words at borders of state always have mix of words from both languages. If Tamil shared boundaries with other languages that have already developed, there would have been some exchange of words.