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Was or were the police?

Was or were the police?

The answer would be “were.” ! Police is a plural noun. Do not say ‘a police’.

How do you use arrested in a sentence?

Arrested sentence example

  1. He was arrested and jailed.
  2. He lived with his mother here in Santa Barbara until he was arrested and sent away.
  3. Then a patrol arrived and all the men–all those who were not looting, that is–were arrested , and I among them.

What tense is the sentence had been arrested?

The verbal phrase ” had been arrested” is a PAST PERFECT TENSE in PASSIVE FORM. We use past perfect tense to refer to a distant past. It denotes two past expressions in a sentence. Tenses can have both active and passive forms.

What is the passive voice of the police arrested him?

The answer is – He was arrested by the Police.

Should we use the before police?

When referring to the institution/organization, always use the police. Never say “a police” to talk about an individual. Instead, say: a policeman.

Which is correct police or police?

3 Answers. Police is a plurale tantum, a word with no singular form. The police are here.

Has been arrested Meaning?

if the police arrest someone, they take that person to a police station because they believe he or she has committed a crime. Someone who has been arrested is under arrest, and if they are not allowed to leave, they are in custody.

What does it mean when you say a person is arrested?

An arrest is the act of apprehending and taking a person into custody (legal protection or control), usually because the person has been suspected of or observed committing a crime. An arrest is a procedure in a criminal justice system. Police and various other officers have powers of arrest.

What is the past tense of Accuse?

accuse ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌

present tense
he/she/it accuses
present participle accusing
past tense accused
past participle accused

Do as direct the criminal was arrested by the police change the voice?

Answer: It is the passive voice sentence.

Were they arrested by the police change the voice?

The given sentence is in passive voice form . we have to change into active voice . Then, the sentence will be in past indefinite tense . → Active voice :- The police arrested the criminal .

Do you say police or the police?

Police is a plural noun and is followed by a plural verb: The police are investigating the case. ✗Don’t say: The police is investigating the case. When talking about someone who works for the police, you say a police officer, a policeman, or a policewoman.

When to use was or were in a sentence?

A good rule to remember is when a sentence begins with there, the subject is found after the verb. Once the subject has been identified, use was if the subject is singular and were if the subject is plural.

When is it appropriate to use if I was?

However, when writing about non-realistic or hypothetical situations, if I were is the only correct choice. Even though they look almost identical, if I was and if I were are not interchangeable. The way you use them depends on the mood of your sentence.

When do you Say I was at the store?

If you went to the store, for example, then you would say, “I was at the store” because it is something that definitely happened. The same is true if you’re talking about someone else in the third person (or if you make the choice to talk about yourself in the third person).

Which is correct you were or I was?

In any case, it is easy to decide between the phrases I was or I were (I was is the correct form, as I is first person singular), or the phrases you was or you were, (you were is the correct form, as you is second person singular or plural), but deciding between the phrases if I was or if I were can be more confusing.