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What are clothes categories?

What are clothes categories?

There are clothing ‘types’ based on setting:

  • Business attire – worn for work purposes.
  • Casual wear – worn as standard clothing.
  • Formal wear – worn for events such as weddings.
  • Lingerie – under garments worn for support and / or decoration.
  • Sports wear – worn for athletic activites like running.

What is a princess waistline?

The resulting “princess seams” typically run vertically from the shoulder (or under the arm) over the bust point and down to the lower hem. This creates a long, slimming look, often seen in dresses with an “A-line” silhouette.

What is a waist dress?

The waistline of a dress refers to the line separating the upper and lower portions of a garment.

What are some positive words that begin with the letter E?

List of Positive Words That Start with E Eager – Enthusiastic and willing to carry out something Earn – To deserve something Earnest – Resulting from or showing sincere and intense conviction. Earthing – Grounding Ease – Comfort and without the lack of difficulty Easily – Executing something with ease Easy – Finding the process of doing something unchallenging

What are some things that begin with the letter E?

Toddler A-Z – 50 Objects That Start with the Letter “E” Eagle Earmuffs Earphones Earplug Earrings Ears Earth Earthenware Earthworm Earwax

What are some nouns that start with E?

Here are 50 nouns that start with E. Eagerness – a feeling of excitement or anticipation to do something. Eagle – a bird of prey with powerful wings and keen eyesight. Earache Ear Pain Pain felt in or around the ears which usually occurs in only one ear. – an ache or pain in the ear. Earnestness – the quality of being sincere or serious. Earth – the planet that we live on.

What word begins and ends with E?

four letter words that begin with e and ending with e. eale. ease. eave. ecce. eche. edge. eide.