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What are days of week called in Arabic?

What are days of week called in Arabic?

Days of the Week(أيام للأسبوع)

Arabic Name Transcription English Name
يَوم الأحَد yoom alaHad Sunday
يَوم الإثنين yoom alithneen Monday
يَوم الثلاثاء yoom atthhulatha’ Tuesday
يَوم الأربعاء yoom alarbi3a’ Wednesday

What is Monday called in Islam?

Monday الاثنين (al-ithnayn)

How do you say den in Arabic?

“den” in Arabic

  1. سَرَب
  2. وِجار
  3. خَلْوة
  4. عَرين
  5. وَكْر
  6. جُحْر

What is Sunday called in Islam?

1) Sunday الأحـــد /Al-Ahad/: Arabs named it as “Awwal أوَّل” which translates as “First” and is derived from number “One واحــِــد” and means “The One الأحــد” which is also one of the 99 attributes of Allah (God).

How do you say days of the week in Arabic?

Arabic vocabulary :: Days of the week

  1. The days of the week أيام الأسبوع (aīām al-ʾasbūʿ)
  2. Monday الاثنين (al-āṯnīn)
  3. Tuesday الثلاثاء (al-ṯlāṯāʾ)
  4. Wednesday الأربعاء (al-ʾarbʿāʾ)
  5. Thursday الخميس (al-ẖmīs)
  6. Friday الجمعة (al-ǧmʿẗ)
  7. Saturday السبت (al-sbt)
  8. Sunday الأحد (al-ʾaḥd)

Why is it called Thursday?

The name is derived from Old English þunresdæg and Middle English Thuresday (with loss of -n-, first in northern dialects, from influence of Old Norse Þórsdagr) meaning “Thor’s Day”. It was named after the Norse god of Thunder, Thor.

What is den in French?

French Translation. tanière. More French words for den. la tanière noun. lair, sanctum.

What is the first day of the week in Islam?

The names of the days of the week are: yaum al-ahad (“first day,” i.e., Sunday); yaum al-ithnayn (“second day,” i.e., Monday); yaum ath-thalatha (“third day,” i.e., Tuesday); yaum al-arbia’a (“fourth day,” i.e., Wednesday); yaum al- khamis (“fifth day,” i.e., Thursday); yaum al-jumu`a (“gathering day,” i.e., Friday – …