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What are some examples of gerund phrase?

What are some examples of gerund phrase?

The Parts of a Gerund Phrase For example: eating (from the verb “to eat”) taking (from the verb “to take”) painting (from the verb “to paint”)

What is gerund in preposition?

As a general rule, gerunds are always after prepositions. Noun clauses come after prepositions. When you put a verb after it, the verb must be a gerund. That verb then act as a noun.

Can a gerund phrase have a prepositional phrase in it?

A PREPOSITIONAL GERUND PHRASE may very often begin with a single–word preposition like “for,” “after,” “on,” “by,” etc., or a prepositional phraseOpens in new window like “in spite of,” “on account of,” “for the purpose of,” etc., followed by a gerundial phrase.

What are the 5 uses of gerund?

Gerunds can be used after certain verbs including enjoy, fancy, discuss, dislike, finish, mind, suggest, recommend, keep, and avoid.

  • After prepositions of place and time. I made dinner before getting home.
  • To replace the subject or object of a sentence. Lachlan likes eating coconut oil.

What is gerund phrase phrase?

A gerund phrase is a phrase consisting of a gerund and any modifiers or objects associated with it. A gerund is a noun made from a verb root plus ing (a present participle). A whole gerund phrase functions in a sentence just like a noun, and can act as a subject, an object, or a predicate nominative.

How to identify prepositional phrases?

Prepositional phrases always consist of two basic parts at minimum: the object and the preposition.

  • In formal English,prepositions are almost always followed by objects.
  • Adjectives can be placed between the prepositions and objects in prepositional phrases.
  • Prepositional phrases can act as adverbs or adjectives.
  • What are 10 examples of prepositions?

    One word Common prepositions: Common prepositions are those prepositional words that are used mostly in sentences.

  • Seldom used Prepositions: Seldom used prepositions are those prepositional words that are rarely used in sentences.
  • Complex Prepositions or Prepositional phrases: A complex preposition is a combination of two words.
  • What are examples of prepositional words?

    A preposition is a word that creates a relationship between an object and another word within a sentence. Examples of prepositions include that, which, on, at, around, of, about, between, for, with—we could go on and on.

    What are two prepositional phrases?

    Take a look at the two prepositional phrases in the following sentence: The steamy air in the kitchen reeked of stale food. The first prepositional phrase — in the kitchen — modifies the noun air; the second — of stale food –modifies the verb reeked. The two phrases provide information that helps us understand the sentence as a whole.