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What are the 5 largest cities in Victoria?

What are the 5 largest cities in Victoria?

Victoria’s 10 largest cities by population

  • Geelong. 1836. 187,500.
  • Ballarat. 1838. 103,800. 113 kilometres.
  • Bendigo. 1851. 94,400. 148 kilometres.
  • Mildura. 1887. 50,600. 541 kilometres.
  • Shepparton. 1855. 49,100. 176 kilometres.
  • Wodonga. 1852. 34,800. 299 kilometres.
  • Warrnambool. 1844. 31,600. 263 kilometres.
  • Traralgon. 1844. 27,200. 157 kilometres.

What is the biggest regional city in Victoria?

Melbourne, the most populated city in Victoria.

Which city is bigger Bendigo or Ballarat?

The town hall of Ballarat, the third largest city in Victoria, Australia. Located in southeastern Australia, Victoria is the second most populous state in Australia….The 10 Most Populated Cities In Victoria, Australia.

Rank Urban centre 2016 census
1 Melbourne 4,196,201
2 Geelong 157,103
3 Ballarat 93,761
4 Bendigo 92,384

What is the biggest suburb in Victoria?

Melbourne’s Development Pipeline: The Top 20 Largest Suburbs

Rank Suburb Number of Dwellings
1 Melbourne 20,035
2 Southbank 16,015
3 South Melbourne 6573
4 Footscray 6526

Is Melbourne a big city?

3,858 mi²

Which is bigger Mackay or Rockhampton?

The five largest make up 61%….Australia’s largest cities, June 2011.

1 Sydney (NSW) 4,627,345
22 Mackay (QLD) 87,324
23 Burnie – Devonport (TAS) 82,913
24 Latrobe Valley (VIC) 81,572
25 Rockhampton (QLD) 78,643

What is Melbourne’s largest suburb?

What is the most populated suburb?

50 most densely populated Australian suburbs

Rank Suburb Inhabitants per mi²
1 Elizabeth Bay 53,833
2 Chippendale 48,078
3 Rushcutters Bay 41,910
4 Ultimo 40,996

What is Australia’s most remote town?

It has been described as the most remote community in Australia….Kiwirrkurra Community, Western Australia.

Kiwirrkurra Western Australia
Elevation 433 m (1,421 ft)
Time zone ACST (UTC+9:30)

What is the second biggest city in Victoria?

The port city of Geelong is the second largest in Victoria, located on Corio Bay. The city is the second most populous in the state with a population of 192,393 as of 2016. Geelong has an urban area of 354.7 square miles and over 60 suburbs.

What are the four largest cities in Australia?

Australia’s four largest cities—Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth—are facing a watershed moment in their development, according to a new report from Infrastructure Australia , an independent statutory body.

What is the population of Victoria Australia?

Victoria has an estimated population of 5.71 million, ranking second in the country, with a population density of 25 people per square kilometer or 64 per square mile, which also ranks 2nd in Australia. Victoria accounts for 25% of all Australians.

Does Australia have a Mega City?

Australia does not have a real megacity. But the two biggest cities are Melbourne (Victoria) and Sydney (New South Wales).