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What color is Petty blue?

What color is Petty blue?

Petty Blue, as it’s called, was created by the Petty family. According to Richard, the color was created by accident when they didn’t have enough white or dark blue paint to cover the entire car. The resulting mix of white and blue proved to be very popular and remains on the No. 43 car to this day.

How can I make my Petty blue?

Pour dark blue paint into white paint, beginning with a ratio of 1:5. It is important to add only a small amount of blue at a time to get the right Petty Blue paint color.

When did Richard Petty Motorsports switch to Chevy?

For the 2018 season, RPM switched their alliance from RFR to Richard Childress Racing which also came with a manufacturer switch to Chevrolet.

What is the paint code for Richard Petty blue?

petty blue was not a standard color & had a special paint code of 999 , but in 1972 recoded it to EB3 petty blue / street basin blue/ corporation blue / blue streak & was offered as a standard production color option.

How much of Richard Petty Motorsports does Richard Petty own?

four percent
According to Sporting News, Petty owns four percent of the team. The only car that equates to his ownership as per NASCAR’s list of owners is the No. 43 car, while George Gillett owns the No.

Who is driving for Petty Motorsports in 2021?

Erik Jones
What’s new: The driver. Erik Jones makes the move to Richard Petty Motorsports after spending the last three seasons driving the No. 20 Toyota for Joe Gibbs Racing. For Jones, it will mark his first time driving a Chevrolet in the NASCAR Cup Series.

Who are the owners of the Petty Motorsports team?

It was founded by Lee Petty with his two sons Richard Petty and Maurice Petty. The team was later owned by Richard Petty, his son Kyle Petty and Boston Ventures. At the time of its folding the team operated the No. 43 and No. 45 Dodge Chargers in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

Who is number 43 for Richard Petty Motorsports?

Racing Insights’ stats break: Erik Jones brings the No. 43 car something it hasn’t had in more than six years: a proven winner. Jones is a two-time winner in Cup and has more wins than any of the other six drivers Richard Petty Motorsports had employed since the start of the 2015 season.

What kind of paint scheme did Petty Blue use?

However, it put an end to the years of famous all “Petty Blue” cars. Initially, STP insisted the car be all orangish-red. But after a lengthy negotiation session, they decided on a car that would be a combination of the “Petty Blue” and the “STP Red.” This paint scheme would become the one of all STP sponsored race cars.

What kind of car does Richard Petty drive in NASCAR?

Richard Petty’s No. 43 rides took on a splash of bright STP red with his familiar blue in the early 1970s. And the King added some ’70s-style facial hair as well. His 1973 Dodge became a Daytona 500 winner that year, winning by two laps over runner-up Bobby Isaac’s Ford.