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What did George and Harold do with the glue?

What did George and Harold do with the glue?

Krupp bans George and Harold from the convention this year and puts them in study hall all day, because last year’s Invention Convention was ruined by them applying a body heat activating glue made of rubber cement and concentrated orange juice they invented on everyone’s seats except their own.

How many words does Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets have?


ATOS Book Level: 4.7
AR Points: 1.0
Word Count: 5595
Fiction/Nonfiction Fiction

Can Captain Underpants fly?

Captain Underpants gains superpowers in the third book and possessed superhuman strength, durability, flight and “wedgie power” where he can pull unlimited underwear from his utility waistband.

What is the name of George and Harold’s school football team?

Horwitz Knuckleheads
The Horwitz Knuckleheads: the school’s football team. After watching the “Boomer the Purple Dragon Singalong Video” that Harold replaced the prank footage with, they change their name to the Purple Dragon Sing-A-Long Friends.

Is there a talking toilet?

It said this about the Kohler Numi toilet: “Kohler’s latest high-end toilet connects to the internet and responds to voice commands. Beyond flushing, you can ask Amazon’s Alexa (as well as Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri) to lift the seat or activate your favorite bidet spray configuration.”

How did Captain Underpants fight the Talking Toilets?

The Talking Toilets chased George, Harold, and Captain Underpants. They find cafeteria food and use it to fight the Talking Toilets. The whole process repeated itself, ’til every last toilet swallowed at least 2 servings of Creamed-Chipped-Beef, then they upchucked everything they had eaten during the day.

What happens in the adventures of Captain Underpants?

Captain Underpants appears and places plungers in the toilets’ mouths, then the toilets’ leader, the Turbo Toilet 2000, appears and Captain Underpants gives it a wedgie on a stop sign, from where it’s slung at the UFO, causing both to explode. George and Harold want everyone to know what happened in The Adventures of Captain Underpants.

Who are the Talking Toilets in attack of the talking toilet?

The Talking Toilets were evil talking toilets and the main antagonists of Attack of the Talking Toilets. The Talking Toilets were orginally simply characters in a comic book created by George and Harold. In the comic, a UFO blasts the school with a ray that causes the toilets to come to life and start eating everyone.

How did Mr Krupp turn into Captain Underpants?

As Mr Krupp witnesses a man get eaten by a Talking Toilet, he calls for the waiter, wanting his check so he and Edith can leave the restaurant. Surprisingly, he accidentally turns himself into Captain Underpants by the snap of his own fingers.