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What does MDJU Neter mean?

What does MDJU Neter mean?

Words are magic. They called their magical language of hieroglyphic symbols medju neter, meaning “the Word of God.” These symbols were said to have been created by Isis and Thoth and were presided over by the goddess Seshet, keeper of the Akashic records.

What does the word Neter mean?

NETER. the egyptian word for god by e. a. walxis budge. THE common word given by the Egyptians to God, and god, and spirits of every kind, and being of all sorts, and kinds, and forms, which were supposed to possess any superhuman, super.

Who wrote the Metu Neter?

Ra Un Nefer Amen
Metu Neter/Authors
Metu Neter, Vol. 1: The Great Oracle of Tehuti and the Egyptian System of Spiritual Cultivation by Ra Un Nefer Amen.

What does Kemet believe in?

Five basic tenets guide the faith of members: Belief in upholding ma’at, belief in Netjer (the supreme being), akhu (ancestor) veneration, participation in and respect for the community, and acknowledgment of Siuda as the Nisut. Members of the faith are known as “Shemsu”.

What is the Egyptian script called?

The Egyptian cursive script, called hieratic writing, received its name from the Greek hieratikos (“priestly”) at a time during the late period when the script was used only for sacred texts, whereas everyday secular documents were written in another style, the demotic script (from Greek dēmotikos, “for the people” or …

Is Kemet a religion?

Kemetism is the modern practice of the religion of ancient Egypt, which was called Kemet. Kemetism is part of the neopaganism movement, which includes the revival of old religions.

Who is tehuti?

In ancient Kemet, Tehuti was the head or leader and messenger of the gods. Represented by an Ibis, Tehuti is also called Djehuty, Tahuti, Sheps, Lord of Khemenu, Khenti, Mehi, ASten, and Thoth, and, finally, Hermes Trismegistus.

Who is the God of Kemet?

AUSAR~AUSET~HERU ~ Eldest of four offspring from the sky god (Geb) and the earth goddess (Nut), AUSAR (Greek “Osiris”) became wise lord and king of Kemet where he ruled successfully with AUSET (Greek “Isis”) as his wife.

Who is Jesus in Kemet?

In texts which address an African genesis of Christian thought, Christian deities are related to Kemetic deities: Jesus, the son of God, is translated as Heru; God, the father is translated as Asar; and Mary, the mother of Jesus, is translated as Aset.

What kind of language was the medu Neter?

Medu Neter is truly the Classical Language of Africa. The people of Kemet invented a highly developed writing system along with paper, ink, and pen with which to write. The writing was one of the most important contributions that African people gave to the world.

What does the medu Neteru mean in Black Spirituality?

The Book of Life – which represents the origanl sacred writhings and the words of life and peace. The ancient African sacred writings were known as the Medu Neteru (Medu – meaning words; and Neteru meaning G-d). Hence, the Medu Neteru was and should be called “G-d’s Words” or “The word of G-d”.

When did the use of Medu Neter end?

Monumental use of Medu Neter ceased after the closing of all non-Christian temples in 391 AD by the Roman Emperor Theodosius I; the last known inscription is from Philae, known as The Graffito of Esmet-Akhom, from 396 CE.

What was the medu Neteru in ancient Egypt?

The Medu Neteru is what you see carved into the walls, temples and tombs when one goes to todays Egypt. The europeans found the sacred writhings under the heads of the “Mummies” they were robbing and called what they found and they had “No” understanding…”The Book of the Dead”.