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What does subject at-large mean?

What does subject at-large mean?

A descriptive term for the election of public officials by an entire governmental unit rather than by subdivisions of the unit.

What is a alderman at-large?

Aldermen representing a ward shall be residents and qualified voters of the ward. Aldermen at-large shall be residents of the city. Aldermen shall be elected to serve a term of two years. The board of aldermen shall be the final judge of the election and qualifications of its members.

How many city council members are in Houston?

Sixteen Council Members
Sixteen Council Members, along with the Mayor and City Controller, are elected every four years.

What are the responsibilities of the council?

Council Functions

  • Review and approve the annual budget;
  • Establish long- and short-term objectives and priorities;
  • Oversee performance of the local public employees;
  • Oversee effectiveness of programs;
  • Establish tax rates;
  • Enter into legal contracts;
  • Borrow funds;
  • Pass ordinances and resolutions;

What does population at large mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe population/public/society/world etc at largethe population/public/society/world etc at large people in general The chemical pollution poses a threat to the population at large.

Who is the mayor of Houston?

Sylvester TurnerSince 2016
Elected in December 2015 and overwhelmingly re-elected in December 2019, Sylvester Turner is serving his second four-year term. He is Houston’s 62nd mayor.

What’s the difference between council and counsel?

While counsel, council, and consul sound alike, they are different words with different meanings. Counsel can be used as a verb or a noun, whereas council and consul are nouns. Less commonly, counsel means guarded thoughts or advice.

What does ‘Council at large’ mean?

at-large see at large (senses -) at large: councillor-at-large Relating to or representing a nation, state, or district as a whole: an at-large city councilor.

What does City Council at large mean?

Definition of at-large. : relating to or being a political representative who is elected to serve an entire area rather than one of its subdivisions an at-large city councilor an at-large election.

What are the duties of a council?

The council is responsible for carrying out four main duties: Council members assist in the determination of educational needs in the county and in the planning and delivery of programs. They are responsible for assuring equal opportunity to participate in Extension programs at the local level.

What is the definition of council members?

Definition of Council member. Council member means a member of a state board, committee, commission, or council who is not a full-time state employee and who is present on the capitol complex only on an occasional basis in the member’s official capacity. Sample 1. Sample 2.