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What does the French word regal mean?

What does the French word regal mean?

English Translation. treat. More meanings for régal. treat noun. plaisir, gâterie, cadeau, surprise.

Is Regal a French word?

régal | translate French to English: Cambridge Dictionary.

What is the meaning of UNE Regle?

: in order : in accordance with the rules.

What does Regal mean in the Bible?

1 : of, relating to, or suitable for a king. 2 : of notable excellence or magnificence : splendid.

What’s French for Prince?

How to say prince in French

primus inter pares Primus
primus primula
primrose yellow primrose
Prince Charles prince charming
Prince Charming princedom

Is it spelled royal or Royale?

From what I’ve seen, the two are synonyms, but royale is usually used after the noun in question, unlike royal. (i.e., The royal princess vs. The princess royale) Also, royale is used more often in either titles, honors, and more formal events than royal.

What does une Livre mean in English?

“Livre” is a homonym of the French word for “book” (from the Latin word liber), the distinction being that the two have a different gender. The monetary unit is feminine, la/une livre, while “book” is masculine, le/un livre.

What does it mean if someone says you look regal?

If you describe something as regal, you mean that it is suitable for a king or queen, because it is very impressive or beautiful. He sat with such regal dignity. Synonyms: royal, majestic, kingly or queenly, noble More Synonyms of regal. Synonyms of. ‘regal’

Which is the best definition of the word regal?

Definition of regal. 1 : of, relating to, or suitable for a king. 2 : of notable excellence or magnificence : splendid.

Who is the Regal Beast on the show?

— Brian Lowry, CNN, 12 Aug. 2021 The regal beast was eliminated in the Oct. 7 episode and revealed to be Beverly Hills, 90210 star Brian Austin Green. — Andrea Towers,, 12 Aug. 2021 As the world slowly but surely opens up to international travel again, perhaps you’ll be inspired to take a trip to one of these regal destinations yourself.

What kind of blanket is a regal blanket?

If you’re more about the aesthetics and or like to wrap yourself in a pretty throw and sit as still as a mummy or instantly fall asleep, consider upgrading from a basic wool throw blanket to something like cashmere, which is regal but also delicate.

How tall is the Regal ship in feet?

— Atul Gawande, The New Yorker, 23 Aug. 2021 Quite fittingly, the 417-footer sports a regal exterior that commands attention on the high seas along with a royally good assortment of amenities. — Rachel Cormack, Robb Report, 23 Aug. 2021