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What does the prefix mono mean in math?

What does the prefix mono mean in math?

A prefix meaning “one”

What does mono mean in numbers?

mono- (“one, alone”)

What is the prefix type of mono?

Frequency: Mono is defined as one or alone. An example of mono used as a prefix is in the word monochromatic, which means having only one color. (1) See monochrome and monophonic.

Is Mono a number?

“mono-” is from Greek monos = “alone”. “un” = 1 and “nona-” = 9 are from Latin. The others are derived from Greek numbers. The numbers 200-900 would be confused easily with 22 to 29 if they were used in chemistry.

Whats does mono mean?

mono- A prefix that means “one, only, single,” as in monochromatic, having only one color. It is often found in chemical names where it means “containing just one” of the specified atom or group, as in carbon monoxide, which is carbon attached to a single oxygen atom.

What’s the prefix for 9?


prefix number indicated
hepta- 7
octa- 8
nona- 9
deca- 10

What is a prefix number?

A telephone prefix is the first set of digits after the country, and area codes of a telephone number; in the North American Numbering Plan countries (country code +# ), it is the first three digits of a seven-digit phone number, 3-3-4 scheme. It shows which exchange the remaining numbers refer to.

What are the examples of mono?

Mono a Mono

  • monopoly: control by ‘one’
  • monologue: speech given by ‘one’ person.
  • monorail: a train which uses ‘one’ rail instead of two tracks.
  • monotone: using ‘one’ tone only.
  • monotonous: of using ‘one’ tone only.
  • monosyllable: ‘one’ syllable.

Is mono a prefix?

Mono- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “alone, singular, one.” It is used in a great many technical and scientific terms, including in chemistry, where it refers to compounds containing one atom of a particular element. Mono- comes from the Greek mónos, meaning “alone.”