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What does Vol mean in German?

What does Vol mean in German?

abbreviation. (= volume) Bd; (Measure) V(ol.)

What does the German expression Ya Vol mean?

: certainly : yes, sir.

How do you use Wohl in German?

Wohl is a very tricky particle to use because it’s usually translated to mean “well,” as in the phrase Ich fühle mich wohl (I feel well). However, as a particle it can mean that the speaker is assuming something to be true.

What is a Swinehound?

noun. A despicable, troublesome, or unpleasant person; compare schweinhund , swine-dog .

What does Yavold mean in German?

Jawohl is simply communicating an emphatic agreeing. Emphatic because the preceding information/order came from a superior in a military or civilian setting. Here it can be compared to the English “yes sir” or “aye aye sir”

How do you use ja wohl?

Jawohl consists of two words: ja, which as any German learner hopefully knows means “yes”, and wohl, which means “well” or “indeed”. In this context, wohl is used as a modal particle to add stress, so the word jawohl means something along the lines of “certainly” or “yes, definitely”.

What is the meaning of Zum Wohl?

Translation: “To Your Health! “ Zum Wohl is the most common way to toast in Germany.

When to use ” Jawohl, Mein Kommandant “?

Jawohl, mein Kommandant! “Jawohl, mein/Herr/Frau Kommandant” could be used in a joking way though there is no guarantee everyone would get the joke. It really depends on the person (s) you are talking to. Jawohl, mein Führer!

What does Jawohl, Mein Fuhrer mean in English?

“Jawohl, mein Führer” roughly translates to “Yes, my leader”. “Jawohl” is used in the military as an affirmative to an order, instead of simple “Ja”, which means “Yes”. So another possible english equivalent denoting the context and hierarchies would be “Yes Sir,…

How to answer ” Jawohl, Herr Kaleun “?

Jawohl, Herr Kaleun! With regards to what you seem to be contemplating, how to use “Jawohl” so people get that it’s used in exaggeration, as a friendly joke, you might try answering ” Jawohl Herr Kaleun ” (Kaleun = Kapitänleutnant, equivalent to e.g. a US Navy Lieutenant).

Is there an English equivalent of ” Jawohl “?

In the military, as far as I know, it is the standard affirmative answer to a superior’s command in the German military to this day — it made the transition from the Wehrmacht to today’s Bundeswehr. Its closest English-language equivalent in that sense is “Aye!” or “Yessir!”. It often gets colloquialized into “Jawoll”.