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What happened to Phil Redmond?

What happened to Phil Redmond?

The man who created TV shows Grange Hill, Brookside and Hollyoaks, is to be given a knighthood for services to broadcasting and arts. Merseyside-born Phil Redmond, 71, quit his job as a surveyor in the 1970s and became responsible for some of the most gritty shows on British television.

Where is Phil Redmond from?

Huyton, United Kingdom
Phil Redmond/Place of birth

Where did Phil Redmond grow up?

Phil Redmond grew up in Huyton, he attended St Kevin’s school. He trained as a quantity surveyor before deciding that he wanted to be a writer. He has written for several well known series such as Grange Hill, Brookside and Hollyoaks, he also ran his own production company, Mersey Television.

How old is Phil Redmond?

72 years (June 10, 1949)
Phil Redmond/Age

Is Phil Redmond married?

Alexis Redmond
Phil Redmond/Spouse

Who made Grange Hill?

Phil Redmond
Grange Hill started on 8 February 1978. The children’s drama was created by Phil Redmond and set in a mixed comprehensive school in London.

Who created Grange Hill?

Who is Phil Redmond married to?

Who wrote Grange Hill?

Matt Evans
Grange Hill/Writers

Who produced Brookside?

The first episode of Brookside was repeated as part of Channel 4 at 25 on 1 October 2007….Brookside (television program)

No. of episodes 2,915
Executive producer Phil Redmond
Producers Colin Mckeown Paul Marquess Will Scarnell Lizzie Taylor Stuart Doughty Mal Young Christopher McCaw David Andrews David Hanson Jon East

Who played gripper in Grange Hill?

Mark Savage

Character Actor(s) Years
Norman “Gripper” Stebson Mark Savage 1981–1985
Claire Scott Paula Ann Bland 1981–1985
Denny Rees Julian Griffiths 1982–1983
Belinda Zowkowski Paula Taras 1982

How did Phil Redmond and his family meet?

Dad was three when he arrived in Liverpool. Mum, who worked as a school cleaner, was born in the city, but her parents moved over from Ireland. Mum and Dad met through the Irish Catholic church and were both given the Benemerenti medal by the Pope in recognition of their tireless voluntary work.

How old is Phil Redmond from Hollyoaks?

Phil Redmond was born on June 10, 1949 in Liverpool, Merseyside, England. He is a writer and producer, known for Brookside (1982), Hollyoaks (1995) and Hollyoaks: Let Loose (2005). See full bio »

When did Phil Redmond take over Grange Hill?

By 2001, the series was almost entirely issue-led and the decision to tackle the subject of rape upset some parents. But when Phil Redmond took over production of Grange Hill in 2003, his plan was to get the show back to its roots and the issues were toned down as Redmond skewed the show towards a younger audience.

When did the first Phil Redmond soap opera air?

The gritty new soap opera first aired on 2 November 1982, the first night of Channel 4, and lasted for 21 years – taking in, along the way, unheard-of scenes of human squalor, misery and venality. Though other producers steered its fortunes into the 1990s, it was Redmond’s bleak vision that sustained the show.