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What happens when a custodial parent moves away?

What happens when a custodial parent moves away?

If the custodial parent moves the minor child without court permission and against the noncustodial parent’s wishes, a judge may sanction (punish) the custodial parent with a contempt order, including fines and jail time. A judge could even change custody arrangements in favor of the noncustodial parent.

Do I have to give my child’s father my address?

Yes you should. It’s the right thing to do.

How does child support work when moving out of State?

The regulations for child support when moving out of state are governed by the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA). While UIFSA applies across the country, it is not federal law. Instead, UIFSA is a uniform act that has been adopted in some form or another by every state in the country.

When does child support end for a parent?

Under such circumstances, a parent no longer has the obligation to provide child support. Some states allow child support to continue even after the age of majority when the support is used to pay for a child’s education, such as to attend colleges, universities and post-secondary institutions.

Can a father change the amount of child support?

If a father becomes unemployed and then takes a lower-paying job, a reconsideration of the amount of child support due might be appropriate. Only the court can change a mandated child support payment. A parent’s request for modification must be submitted to a judge. If both parents agree on a change, it is usually a simple process.

What happens when a child support order is changed?

If either parent or guardian has a change in circumstances after a child support order is set, which could be losing a job, changing jobs, or a change in custody or visitation, the order may qualify for modification. Your local agency or the Family Law Facilitator at your county courthouse can assist with this.