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What is a 72 hour notice?

What is a 72 hour notice?

With a 72-hour clause in the contract, a seller is able to keep the home on the market and accept backup offers on the property. The time period in the release clause can be negotiated, but advanced notice is always required before the seller can cancel the deal.

What is the tenant Safe Harbor Act?

The Tenant Safe Harbor Act: Prohibits courts from issuing a warrant of eviction or judgment of possession against you – the residential tenant or other lawful occupant – if you have suffered financial hardship during the COVID-19 covered period.

What is a possessory Judgement?

Possessory Judgment. a decision that the landlord has the right to evict you from the apartment. Also known as a judgment for possession.

Can rent arrears be written off?

Getting a third party deduction means your rent arrears will be paid off automatically and you won’t have to worry about making extra payments to the landlord yourself. Third party deductions can be up to 20% of your benefits.

How can I get an adjournment at a court hearing?

An adjournment may only be granted by the judge presiding at the time of the hearing. You can not call the court clerk for this purpose because the clerk is not permitted to grant adjournments. To get an adjournment, you should appear at the hearing at the appointed time.

How long can a housing court case be adjourned?

The adjournments used to be 1 month aka 4 weeks (almost guaranteed) but now they are closer to 2 to 3 weeks. As the tenant, you will not be able to adjourn your case forever.

What to do if you can’t go to court?

If you cannot go to the court date, file an affidavit of unavailability before. Write the reason you cannot be in court and attach proof. At the hearing, the judge will see the affidavit and may adjourn the case. The court will mail a notice of the new date.

How many days can I request for an adjournment?

You are entitled to one adjournment of at least 14 days. If it is an emergency and you cannot appear yourself to request the adjournment, but wish to send someone on your behalf, you must give that person written authorization to make the request for you. That person must bring the written authorization to the court.