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What is a cog person?

What is a cog person?

a person who plays a minor part in a large organization, activity, etc.: He’s just a small cog in the financial department.

What is cog full form?

COG – Cost of Goods.

How do you use cog in a sentence?

join pieces of wood with cogs.

  1. The wheel engages with the cog and turns it.
  2. The two cog wheels engaged and the machine started.
  3. When the large cog wheel engages , the mill stone will start to go round.
  4. Tired of being a tiny cog in a vast machine,[] he handed in his resignation.

What is a cog used for?

The cog, a modern type of ship at that time A helm at the stern and a flat floor made it possible to ship in low water. Unlike the Nordic longboats they were more economical to use. A cog could transport a relatively large amount of cargo with just a small crew, up to 90 tons (see also Schiffahrtsmuseum Bremerhaven).

What is a wheel cog?

One who holds a minor but necessary post in a large organization, as in Frank knew he was just a cog in the wheel of this giant corporation. This term alludes to the role of the mechanical cog, one of the teeth on a wheel or gear that, by engaging other teeth, transmits or receives motion.

What is the meaning of cog in college?

Certificate of Graduation (COG), No Objection Letter (NOL) & Special Certification.

Who invented the cog?

Leonardo Da Vinci is credited with developing the idea of the chain and cog in the 15th century.

What does cog stand for in government?

council of governments (COG), also called regional council, in the United States, type of regional planning body that exists throughout the country. A COG is an association that consists of elected public officials who come from the major local governments within an urban or metropolitan area.

What does cogs stand for in education?

Cost of goods sold, an accountancy metric. City of Greater Shepparton. Community of Genoa Schools sports teams, see Genoa, Illinois#Schools. The University of Birmingham’s School of Computer Science departmental society. The University of Sussex School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences.

What does the name cog mean?

The meaning of “cog” in carpentry derives from association with a tooth on a cogwheel. A tooth on a gear. A gear; a cogwheel. An unimportant individual in a greater system.

What percentage should cogs be?

5-25%. Acceptable ratios are largely determined by your regional market and business model, and can vary from concept to concept. As a general rule, your combined CoGS and labor costs should not exceed 65% of your gross revenue – but if your business is in an expensive market, you should aim for a lower percentage.

What does cog mean?

Cog(noun) a trick or deception; a falsehood. Cog(noun) a tooth, cam, or catch for imparting or receiving motion, as on a gear wheel, or a lifter or wiper on a shaft; originally, a separate piece of wood set in a mortise in the face of a wheel.

What does gear and cog mean?

A gear; a cogwheel . Cog (noun) An unimportant individual in a greater system. Cog (noun) A projection or tenon at the end of a beam designed to fit into a matching opening of another piece of wood to form a joint. Cog (noun) One of the rough pillars of stone or coal left to support the roof of a mine.