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What is a keeled person?

What is a keeled person?

: characterized by stability or consistency.

What is the meaning of keeled over?

informal. : to fall down suddenly He just keeled over and died from a heart attack. I almost keeled over with/in laughter.

What does strongly keeled mean?

Keeled scales refer to reptile scales that, rather than being smooth, have a ridge down the center that may or may not extend to the tip of the scale, making them rough to the touch.

Is even keeled a word?

Stable, balanced, as in She had the knack of keeping us on an even keel in any emergency. This term, used figuratively since the mid-1800s, alludes to keeping a vessel’s keel in a level position, assuring smooth sailing.

What does keel mean in writing?

a poetic word for ship. verb. to capsize. See also keel over.

Why do we keel?

The keel is basically a flat blade sticking down into the water from a sailboat’s bottom. It has two functions: it prevents the boat from being blown sideways by the wind, and it holds the ballast that keeps the boat right-side up.

Where does the expression keeled over come from?

of a ship, “turn keel-up” (intransitive), 1828, from keel (n.). To keel over is to “capsize” (1829), hence generally “tumble, fall” (1833), from the nautical image of a ship turning keel-up, an extended sense first in sporting, in reference to shot game. Related: Keeled; keeling.

Is keeled rat snake poisonous?

Venom Toxicity: These are rat snakes, they have venom in their saliva, but it does not act on humans to cause serious envenomation. These are aglyphs – having no fangs. Ptyas carinatus venom is rich in neurotoxic 3FTx and affects animals they eat, but not humans.

Do All vipers have keeled scales?

Some nonvenomous species have evolved a similarly shaped head in order to potentially trick predators into thinking they are vipers. Additionally, most vipers have keeled scales, vertically elliptical pupils and coloring and patterns that serve as camouflage.

What does the name keeled mean?

keeled – having a ridge or shaped like a ridge or suggesting the keel of a ship; “a carinate sepal”

What does the expression keeled over mean?

keel over. To slump or fall over, typically from fainting or death. The phrase is typically used in a humorous way, especially when it refers to someone (hypothetically) dying.

What does the word “keel” mean?

Definition of keel (Entry 2 of 5) 1a : the chief structural member of a boat or ship that extends longitudinally along the center of its bottom and that often projects from the bottom also : this projection.

What does they keep an even keel mean?

keep something on an even keel. Fig. to keep something in a steady and untroubled state. The manager cannot keep the firm on an even keel any longer. When the workers are unhappy, it is difficult to keep the factory on an even keel. See also: even, keel, keep, on.