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What is a sentence using abolitionist?

What is a sentence using abolitionist?

Abolitionist sentence example. He also advocated the exclusion of abolitionist literature from the mails. In 1865 at the close of the war, he declared that, slavery being abolished, his career as an abolitionist was ended. Alcott was a Garrisonian abolitionist .

How do you use abolitionism in a sentence?

Abolitionism sentence example Abraham Lincoln hated slavery and became an advocate of abolitionism . The people of the Northern United States were strong supporters of abolitionism , believing everyone deserved to be free.

What is an abolitionist person?

An abolitionist, as the name implies, is a person who sought to abolish slavery during the 19th century. The abolitionists saw slavery as an abomination and an affliction on the United States, making it their goal to eradicate slave ownership.

What is abolitionist in simple words?

: a person who wants to stop or abolish slavery : an advocate of abolition Before going to England I had had no proper conception of the deep interest displayed by the abolitionists of England in the cause of freedom, nor did I realize the amount of substantial help given by them.—

How do you use abolition?

Abolish sentence example

  1. He wished to control, not to abolish them.
  2. Many people fought to abolish slavery during the Civil War.
  3. Various efforts were made during the middle ages to abolish the Feast of Fools.
  4. A goal for this year is to abolish poor relationships in my life.

What is the noun for abolitionist?

noun. A person who favors the abolition of a practice or institution, especially capital punishment or (formerly) slavery. as modifier ‘the abolitionist movement’. More example sentences. ‘The themes of slavery and the abolitionist movement are clearly presented in the film – not just underlying themes as in the book.’. ‘The Chartists opposed slavery and supported the abolitionist movement.’.

What did the abolition movement promote?

The abolitionist movement was a social and political push for the immediate emancipation of all slaves and the end of racial discrimination and segregation. Advocating for emancipation separated abolitionists from more moderate anti-slavery advocates, who argued for gradual emancipation, and from “Free-Soil” activists who…

What does anti-abolitionism mean?

Anti-abolitionism meaning The campaign against the abolition of the slave trade and/or slavery.

What is abolitionist slavery?

An abolitionist generally refers to a person in the 19th century who desired an immediate end to slavery. The abolitionist movement refers to a period where many organized efforts worked to achieve this goal. Although the movement is commonly attributed to the Northern states of the United States,…