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What is an unbalanced force and what does it cause?

What is an unbalanced force and what does it cause?

An unbalanced force causes a change in motion, speed, direction, or movements because of unequal force or strength that is applied to one side of an object. Opposite sides have forces acting against them, but in the case of unbalanced forces, one side has more energy than the other.

What are three things that can be caused by an unbalanced force?

Unbalanced forces can lead to a change in direction, a change in speed, or both a change in direction and in speed.

How does an unbalanced force affect an object?

An unbalanced force can change an object’s motion. An unbalanced force acting on a moving object could make the object change direction, change speed, or stop moving.

What is unbalanced force Class 9 Example?

A moving ball stops by itself after some time. it is because force of friction exerts opposite force on object. This force of friction is more than force of ball (force is unbalanced) which brings moving ball to rest.

What is the result of unbalanced forces called?

Disequilibrium is a result of unbalanced opposing forces, which in general, are called demand and supply. Therefore, when these two factors have an imbalance there is an existence of a shortage or surplus, which induces a change in the price.

What is example of balanced forces?

Any two forces acting on each other, which are not equal and opposite ( thereby causing motion ) are unbalanced forces. For example, when you push a wall with a force, neither you nor the wall moves. The wall applies an equal amount of force in the opposite direction. This is an example of balanced force.

What are balanced forces in physics?

Balanced forces are those two forces acting in opposite directions on an object, and they are equal in size. Anytime if there is a balanced force on an object, the object stays still or it continues moving at the same speed and in the same direction is called a balanced force.