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What is grown in the Andes Mountains?

What is grown in the Andes Mountains?

Some crops include , quinoa, potatoes, wheat, corn, and barley. Juan says “Building Terraces give us more land for farming.

Where is the tree line in the Andes?

The tree line is the edge of the habitat at which trees are capable of growing. It is found at high elevations and high latitudes….Alpine tree lines.

Location Andes, Peru
Approx. latitude 11°S
Approx. elevation of tree line (m) 3,900
(ft) 12,800
Notes East side; on west side tree growth is restricted by dryness

Are there forests in Patagonia?

The forests are made up of various trees, shrubs and lichens, each with its own special qualities. Typically, these plants receive more than 600mm of rain per year. Southern Beech (Lenga): Like the Calafate, Southern Beech forests are very well known in Patagonia.

What type of trees are in Patagonia?

Here the most common trees are the coihue (Nothofagus dombeyi), the Patagonian cypress (Fitzroya cupressoides), the Chilean hazel (Gevuina avellana), the ulmo (Eucryphia cordifolia), the Guaitecas cypress (Pilgerodendron uviferum), the podocarp (Podocarpus nubigenus) and the female maniu (Saxegothaea conspicua).

What trees grow in the Andes?

Apart from the Nothofagus and the conifers other wide-spread trees on the Andean-Patagonian forest are: Arrayán (Luma apiculata), a myrtle showing a cinnamon-coloured bark that can grow as a shrub or tree, usually found along the margins of rivers and lakes; Maitén (Maytenus boaria) an evergreen tree of dense foliage …

What kind of trees are in the Andes?

Are there any forests in Greenland?

The valley has the only natural forest in Greenland and is about 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) long, running roughly north to south and terminating at Tasersuag Lake. Growing sometimes to tree height is the Greenland mountain ash (Sorbus groenlandica), which is usually a shrub.

What is the largest tree in South America?

Patagonian cypress
The Patagonian cypress is considered to be the largest tree species in South America, individuals have been reported to grow to 70 metres in height and up to 5 metres in trunk diameter. Because of its huge size, it has earned the nickname the ‘redwood of the south’.

How tall are the mountains in the Andes Mountains?

The Andes are a large mountain range spanning through multiple different countries. Thus, there are many notable mountains and peaks within the range – a hundred of which reach over 6,000 meters high. Here is some more information on some of those mountains.

What are the flora and fauna of the Andes Mountains?

Flora and fauna in the Andes is rich and diverse throughout the mountain range with various species thriving in different regions depending on altitude and the different climatic zones. Different species of plants and animals can be found in the highlands, lowlands and southern forest areas.

What kind of trees are in the Andean forest?

Glaciations occurred during the Pleistocene (2 millions to 15.000 years ago) carved the landscape resulting in U-shaped valleys with west-east orientation, now occupied by countless lakes. Two types of trees are the main components of the Andean Forests: the Southern Beeches of the Nothofagus genus and four species of conifers.

What are the major cities in the Andes Mountains?

Along their length, the Andes are split into several ranges, separated by intermediate depressions. The Andes are the location of several high plateaus – some of which host major cities such as Quito, Bogotá, Cali, Arequipa, Medellín, Bucaramanga, Sucre, Mérida and La Paz.