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What is the antonym for the word observation?

What is the antonym for the word observation?

What is the opposite of observation?

disbelief heedlessness
ignorance inattention
indifference neglect
thoughtlessness disregard
negligence carelessness

What does not observed mean?

Not Observed means that less than that percentile of patients had received a transplant, e.g., more than 50% of patients waiting have not received a transplant during the follow up period or were removed because of death or other reasons. (

What is another word for not observed?

not seen; unperceived; unobserved; invisible.

What are some synonyms and antonyms for observation?

Synonyms & Antonyms of observation

  • advertence,
  • advertency,
  • attention,
  • awareness,
  • cognizance,
  • consciousness,
  • ear,
  • eye,

What is observe in other words?


  • hear,
  • heed,
  • listen (to),
  • mark,
  • note,
  • notice,
  • regard,
  • What is the antonym of hypothesis?

    Antonyms: certainty, demonstration, discovery, evidence, fact, proof. Synonyms: conjecture, guess, scheme, speculation, supposition, surmise, system, theory.

    What do you mean by invisible?

    1a : incapable by nature of being seen : not perceptible by vision a movie about an invisible man invisible ultraviolet light. b : inaccessible to view : hidden an invisible hinge also : not marked by outward signs an invisible illness.

    Is Unseenly a word?

    adjective, un·seem·li·er, un·seem·li·est. not seemly; not in keeping with established standards of taste or proper form; unbecoming or indecorous in appearance, speech, conduct, etc.: an unseemly act; unseemly behavior. inappropriate for time or place: an unseemly hour.

    What is the antonym of the word observe single choice?

    OPPOSITES FOR observe 1-3, 6-8 ignore.

    Which is the best adjective for the word observation?

    What is the adjective for observation? Included below are past participle and present participle forms for the verb observe which may be used as adjectives within certain contexts. Alert and paying close attention; watchful. Diligently attentive in observing a law, custom, duty or principle; regardful; mindful.

    What is the definition of observation for kids?

    Kids Definition of observation. 1 : an act or the power of seeing or taking notice of something His detailed description shows great powers of observation. 2 : the gathering of information by noting facts or occurrences…

    Which is the best example of scientific observation?

    A few other scientific observation examples include the following: A scientist looking at a chemical reaction in an experiment A doctor watching a patient after administering an injection An astronomer looking at the night sky and recording data regarding the movement and brightness of the objects

    Can a scientist make an observation by watching?

    While observation is most definitely used by all scientists, anyone can make an observation merely by watching. To understand what observation is, check out several different examples of scientific, technical, and social observation.