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What is the best drug for raves?

What is the best drug for raves?

MDMA (ecstasy) is a popular club drug in the rave and electronic dance music scenes and in nightclubs. It is known under many nicknames, including “e” and “Molly”. MDMA is often considered the drug of choice within the rave culture and is also used at clubs, festivals, house parties and free parties .

Is Meow Meow plant fertilizer?

What are some of the other names? Meow meow, m-Cat, MC, meow, 4MMC or plant fertiliser. What’s in it? It is one of a group of drugs derived from cathinone, an extract from a plant called khat.

What is the most common drug at music festivals?

One study found that at outdoor electronic dance music festival (EDMF) events, methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), also known as molly or ecstasy, is one of the most popular drugs used. A 2018 survey of music festival attendees found 73.4% of attendees had reported substance use in the past year.

Does everyone take drugs at raves?

Although not every rave attendee uses drugs, in a national study, they were more likely to report drug use and more frequent use of 18 different drugs, with frequent rave attendance found to be associated with higher odds of use of each drug (Palamar, Griffin-Tomas & Ompad 2015).

Who is the drug lord in the Philippines?

Accused drug lord Peter Lim has been in hiding since August 2018. Three years since the issuance of an arrest warrant against him, fugitive and accused drug lord Peter Lim remains at large, with different government agencies still uncertain as to whether he was hiding in the country or abroad.

What is Mephedrone plant food?

What is mephedrone? Mephedrone (also known as M-cat, Meow-meow, Plant Food) is a stimulant from a family of drugs related to amphetamines (such as speed and ecstasy). It can come in the form of powder, tablets and capsules . It’s a relatively new drug that was made illegal in 2010.

What was Molly’s plant food?

Molly’s Plant Food is a synthetic hallucino- genic amphetamine marketed as a “plant food” that contains ingredients that produce highs similar to Ecstasy. Molly’s Plant Food is usually purchased at a convenience store.

How do you reseal a tampon?

“What I do is take a tampon in a plastic case, cut it in half, and empty out the inside,” she explained to me. “Then all you need to do is fill in the bottom half with cotton wool and place your drugs in the middle, before topping it up with more cotton wool and resealing with an iron.”