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What is the function of objective lens in microscope Brainly?

What is the function of objective lens in microscope Brainly?

The objective and ocular lenses are responsible for magnifying the image of the specimen being viewed. So for 10X objective and 10X ocular, Total magnification = 10 X 10 = 100X (this means that the image being viewed will appear to be 100 times its actual size).

How does a microscope objective work?

The objective, located closest to the object, relays a real image of the object to the eyepiece. This part of the microscope is needed to produce the base magnification. The eyepiece, located closest to the eye or sensor, projects and magnifies this real image and yields a virtual image of the object.

What does the objective lens in a microscope do?

The four most common types of Microscope Objective Lenses Scanning Objective Lens (4x) The scanning objective lens usually has 4x magnification and can be identified by a red strip band around the perimeter of the lens. Low Power Lens (10x) The low power objective lens usually has 10x or 20x magnification. High Power Lens (40x) The high power lens is identifiable by a blue strip around the lens housing.

What are the functions of the objective lenses?

The purpose of the objective lens is to gather light and enhance magnification. A typical compound microscope will have four objective lenses: one scanning lens, low-power lens, high-power lens, and an oil-immersion lens. These lenses have a magnification power of four, 10, 40 and 100, respectively.

What do objective lenses in the microscope do?

Types of Objective Lens & Their Functions Objective Lens Microscope Function. The majority of light microscopes have an objective lens of some kind, which includes both compound microscopes and stereo microscopes. Types of Objective Lenses. The majority of compound microscopes come with interchangeable objective lenses, which have different magnification powers. Cleaning your Microscope Lens.

What is the function of the objective lens?

Primary image formation

  • Determine the quality of the image produced
  • The total magnification