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What is the leading industry in the state of New Hampshire?

What is the leading industry in the state of New Hampshire?

In New Hampshire, insurance carriers and related activities is the largest industry, accounting for 4.9% of the state’s total GDP of $87.6 billion.

What were the major industries in New Hampshire?

There are three sectors in New Hampshire with a High level of economic exposure to COVID-19. These sector employ a total of 202,346 people.

  • Retail Trade. Total Employment – 112,470.
  • Accommodation and Food Services. Total Employment – 65,694.
  • Arts, Entertainment and Recreation. Total Employment – 24,182.
  • Finance & Insurance.

What was economy like in New Hampshire colony?

In towns along the coast, the colonists made their living fishing, whaling, shipbuilding and shipping. The economy of other parts of Colonial New Hampshire was based on timber products, the fur trade, maple syrup, copper, livestock products, horses, rum, whiskey and beer.

What was the main occupation of New Hampshire?

Major industry in the New Hampshire Colony included fishing, livestock farming, potato farming, manufacturing of textiles and building ships. The New Hampshire Colony, along with the other three New England Colonies, experienced long, cold winters, and mild summers.

Who is the largest employer in Maine?

Employment, Top 50 Employers

2012 2014 BUSINESS

Who is the largest employer in Vermont?

UVM Medical Center Dermatology
Detailed List Of The 76 Biggest Companies In Vermont

Rank Company Employees
1 UVM Medical Center Dermatology 8,711
2 Howe Library 5,250
3 Okemo Mountain Resort 3,000
4 Casella Waste Systems 2,300

What were the major industries of New Hampshire?

Historically, New Hampshire was a major center for textile manufacturing, shoemaking, and papermaking, with Amoskeag Manufacturing Company in Manchester at one time being the largest cotton textile plant in the world.

What is the unemployment rate for New Hampshire?

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) – New Hampshire’s unemployment rate for December was 4%, a slight increase from November, officials said Wednesday. The number still reflects the impact on unemployment because of the coronavirus pandemic. The December 2019 seasonally adjusted rate was 2.6%.

What are the economics of New Hampshire?

New Hampshire economy is a set of human and social activities and institutions related to the production, distribution, exchange and consumption of agriculture and industry goods and services. The balance between New Hampshire various economic sectors differs largely between various regions and other states in the US.

What was the main source of income for New Hampshire?

Agriculture in New Hampshire is hampered by the mountainous topography and by extensive areas of unfertile and stony soil, but farmers are helped by the cooperative marketing that has expanded since World War II. Their main sources of income are dairy products, greenhouse products, apples, cattle, and eggs.