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What is the plot of the story the dog eaters?

What is the plot of the story the dog eaters?

The Dog Eaters tells the story of a couple’s disintegrating marriage against a backdrop of poverty. Mariana, the distressed wife of a husband lacking in ambition, explodes when her husband’s friends invite him for a drink. These friends have prepared a canine treat for their drinking bout.

What is the genre of the story the dog eaters?


First edition
Author Jessica Hagedorn
Genre Novel
Publisher Pantheon Books
Publication date March 1990

Who is Victor in the dog eaters?

‘The Dog Eaters’ describes the plight of ordinary citizens during WWI, as seen through the eyes of Victor, the epileptic 17-year-old son of a notary. He is not allowed to go outside, but this time he has to: his dog has gone missing and, during the 1917 winter of starvation, every animal is in danger.

Who is the author of the dog eaters?

THE DOG EATERS By: Dr. Leonicio P. Deriada -The Author- • Award-winning fictionist • Playwright and poet • Received his Ph.D. in English from Suliman State University in Dumaguete City in 1981.

How did Mariana kill the dog in the dog eaters?

Victor threw the bottle of herbal liquid out the window and it was broken. Mariana pounded Victor with her fists but the man carried it. Suddenly, Mariana saw Victor’s Dog Ramir, she killed the Dog. And for a long time living in Artiaga street, Mariana cried.

What is the tone of the dog eaters?

Tone • The tone of the voice of the story varies depending on the feelings and emotions of the characters. Most of the time, the tone of the story is very intense and strong. The feeling of anger, remorse, irritation, and frustration are very visible in the story.

Who are the dog eaters of Artiaga Street?

2. SUMMARY Victor who is a former body builder and club bouncer married Mariana who is an undergraduate college student because she gets pregnant. Victor and his friend (The Dog eaters of Artiaga Street) are always drinking tuba early in the morning at Sergio’s store with Dog dishes as their pulutan.