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What is the safest way to light a Bunsen burner?

What is the safest way to light a Bunsen burner?


  1. Check connections to burner and desk outlet valve.
  2. Close needle valve and collar.
  3. Open desk outlet valve fully.
  4. Open needle valve 1/2 turn.
  5. Use the spark lighter to light the flame.
  6. Adjust collar and needle valve till you see a blue flame.

What are the things to remember before and after lighting the Bunsen burner?

Always light the match or lighter before turning on the gas. Always inspect the Bunsen burner, tubing, and gas valve before using the burner. Tie back long hair and do not wear loose long sleeves. Take care that hair, clothing, and hands are a safe distance away from the flame at all times.

Is lighting a Bunsen burner a chemical change?

Chemical change: Lighting a Bunsen burner involves burning a gas. This results in the formation of new substances such as water vapor and carbon dioxide.

What are the dangers of using a bunsen burner?

Bunsen burners present fire hazards. They produce an open flame and burn at a high temperature, and as a result, there is potential for an accident to occur. For the safety and convenience of everyone working in a laboratory, it is important that the following guidelines be observed.

How do you extinguish a match in a bunsen burner?

Place a heat mat under the Bunsen burner. Turn the collar so that the air hole is covered. Light a match and hold it about 3 cm above the top of the barrel. Turn the gas tap to the ‘on’ position. Once the Bunsen burner is lit, extinguish the match. Leave the Bunsen burner flame in ‘safety mode’ until you need to heat something.

What to do if your Bunsen Burner makes hissing noise?

If you do, turn the gas off immediately and close the burner’s needle valve. After you’ve made sure the burner’s needle gas valve is closed, you can try turning on the gas supply outlet again. If you still hear a hissing noise, consult with your instructor to try and find the problem.

How long does it take for a bunsen burner to cool?

Wait for the burner to cool before putting it away. It should take about five minutes for the burner to cool. Even when it’s cool, remember to handle it only from its base to reinforce safety habits. When it’s cool, remove the supply hose, and return it and the burner to the proper lab storage area.