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What is the second Haddix book?

What is the second Haddix book?

Sent (The Missing, Book 2): Haddix, Margaret Peterson: 9781416954231: Books.

What is the main idea behind the book Among the Hidden?

The main themes of ‘Among the Hidden’ are friendship, family, freedom, and courage.

How many books does Among the Hidden have?

Imagine a world where families are allowed only two children. Illegal third children—shadow children—must live in hiding. If they are discovered, there is only one punishment: Death. For the first time, all seven books in this beloved and bestselling series are available together in an attractive boxed set.

Why did the Margaret Peterson Haddix write among the hidden?

Inspiration and Development. Margaret Peterson Haddix began writing Among the Hidden after discussions with her husband regarding if they wanted to have more than two children, which developed into conversations concerning overpopulation, the earth’s limited resources, and China’s One Child Policy.

How many books has Margaret Peterson Haddix written?

Facts about Margaret Peterson Haddix 7: the number of books. Haddix had created around 30 books for teens and children. They include Palace of Mirrors , Running out of Time, the Shadow Children series, The House on the Gulf , and The Girl with 500 Middle Names . Haddix earns impressive sales.

What did Margaret Peterson Haddix write?

Margaret Peterson Haddix (born April 9, 1964) is an American writer known best for the two children’s series, Shadow Children (1998–2006) and The Missing (2008-2015). She also wrote the tenth volume in The 39 Clues, published by Scholastic.

Who are Margaret Peterson Haddix’s parents?

Margaret Peterson grew up in Bombay (Mumbai), the youngest child of Peter and Agnes (née Christall) Peterson. Her parents were originally from Scotland but relocated in 1873 to Bombay, where her father, a Sanskritist, took a professorship at Elphinstone College .