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What is the similar meaning of feigned?

What is the similar meaning of feigned?

Some common synonyms of feign are affect, assume, counterfeit, pretend, sham, and simulate. While all these words mean “to put on a false or deceptive appearance,” feign implies more artful invention than pretend, less specific mimicry than simulate.

Does feigned mean fake?

1. To take on or give a false appearance of: affect, assume, counterfeit, fake, pretend, put on, sham, simulate.

How do you use the word feign?

Feign Sentence Examples Cassie drew her brows down to feign a stern expression. The kids always feign sleep when I go in to check on them. If they served something she couldn’t eat, she’d feign illness. I wish you wouldn’t feign illness on every first day of school.

What are some synonyms for feign?

synonyms for feign

  • act.
  • affect.
  • assume.
  • bluff.
  • counterfeit.
  • devise.
  • dissemble.
  • dissimulate.

What does feigned mean in the Bible?

1a : to give a false appearance of : induce as a false impression feign death.

What is faint smell?

Noun. A smell that is only smelt briefly or faintly. whiff. scent. aroma.

What does feign mean in a sentence?

feign. verb [ T ] /feɪn/ to pretend to have a feeling or condition: He feigned sickness so he wouldn’t have to go to school.

What does the name feign mean?

Feign means to give a false appearance of something, or to pretend that it is true. She often feigned illness, hoping the school nurse would send her home. That’s why, when she heard her brother, Tanner, tell their mom he had a sore throat and would go to the doctor instead of school that day, she said she, too, felt sick.

What does the name feignest mean?

1. To invent or imagine; to form an idea or conception of something not real. There are no such things done as thou sayest, but thou feignest them out of thine own heart. Nehemiah 6:8. 2. To make a show of; to pretend; to assume a false appearance; to counterfeit.

What is the noun for feigned?

“Feigned” is a participle, a verb form used as an adjective, where the base verb is “feign”. A verb does not necessarily have a corresponding noun, but in the case of “feign” the corresponding noun is indeed “feint”, as you originally thought.

What is another word for Feening?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for feigning. counterfeit, fake, forgery, hoax, humbug, knockoff, phony. (also phoney),