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What is the synonym of the word witness?

What is the synonym of the word witness?

observer, onlooker, looker-on, eyewitness, spectator, viewer, watcher. bystander, passer-by. North American earwitness. 2’a key witness at the trial’ attestor, testifier.

What is the synonym and antonym of witness?

witness. Antonyms: invalidation, incognizance, refutation, ignorance, alien, ignoramus, stranger. Synonyms: attestation, testimony, evidence, corroboration, cognizance, corroborator, eyewitness, spectator, auditor, testifier, voucher, earwitness.

Has been witnessed synonym?

To have been a spectator of. seen. watched. observed. beheld.

What’s the antonym for witness?

What is the opposite of witness?

conceal contradict
hide invalidate
oppose reject
repudiate veto
deny disprove

What is the best synonym for witness is?

synonyms for witness

  • bystander.
  • eyewitness.
  • observer.
  • spectator.
  • testimony.
  • attestant.
  • attestor.
  • beholder.

What is the word class of witnessed?

verb. witnessed; witnessing; witnesses. Definition of witness (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to testify to : attest.

What is verdict synonym?

synonyms for verdict

  • answer.
  • award.
  • conclusion.
  • decision.
  • decree.
  • finding.
  • opinion.
  • ruling.

What is another word for would like alternative?

What is another word for would like?

feel like hanker after
like please
see fit will
prefer feel disposed to
need decide

What can I use instead of I would like?

What is another word for I would like?

I desire I feel like
I want I wish for

What is the abbreviation for witnesses?

WTNS as abbreviation means “Witnesses”. What is shorthand of Witnesses? The most common shorthand of “Witnesses” is WTNS.

What is the noun for witness?

WITNESS, noun 1. Testimony; attestation of a fact or event. If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true.

What is another word for witnesseth?

Synonyms for witnessed include endorsed, supported, alleged, authenticated, substantiated, validated, verified, sworn to, valid and vouched for. Find more similar