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What is the word possibility means?

What is the word possibility means?

1 : a chance that something may or may not happen or exist : the state or fact of being possible There’s a possibility of rain today. 2 : something that may happen or exist Life on other planets is a possibility.

What does full of possibilities mean?

1 holding or containing as much as possible; filled to capacity or near capacity.

What are the example of possibilities?

If there is a 50-50 chance that you might attend a party, this is an example of a possibility you will attend. When you have a red dress to wear or a green dress to wear, the green dress is an example of a possibility you may choose from.

How do you use possibilities in a sentence?

Possibilities sentence example

  1. The possibilities are endless!
  2. Life was simply a maze of possibilities waiting on decisions.
  3. It has possibilities – providing a person could buy it.
  4. But these possibilities are not mutually exclusive alternatives.

What is the meaning of explore the possibilities?

vb. 1 tr to examine or investigate, esp. systematically. 2 to travel to or into (unfamiliar or unknown regions), esp. for organized scientific purposes.

What is the possibility of something happening?

Probability is the likelihood of an event or more than one event occurring.

What is existing as possibility?

a to be actual rather than merely possible.

Is there any possibility or possibilities?

The singular noun possibility is appropriate because the question does not mention the possibility that anything else will occur. The only possibility under consideration is the possibility that it will rain today. For that reason, there isn’t any need to use the plural noun possibilities.

What does strong possibility mean?

If there is a strong possibility or chance that something is true or will happen, it is very likely to be true or to happen.

What is another word for possibility?

possibility, possible action, opening(noun) a possible alternative. “bankruptcy is always a possibility”. Synonyms: opening move, opening night, chess opening , curtain raising, theory, hatchway, scuttle, initiative, opening, possible action, gap, first step, orifice, hypothesis, possibleness, porta. Antonyms:

What does the word possibility mean?

possibility(Noun) A thing possible; that which may take place or come into being. possibility(Noun) An option or choice, usually used in context with future events.

What is the meaning of possibility?

n. pl. pos·si·bil·i·ties. 1. The fact or state of being possible: investigating the possibility of life on other planets. 2. Something that is possible: His promotion now seems a possibility.

If you say there is a possibility that something is the case or that something will happen, you mean that it might be the case or it might happen. Definition of ‘strong’. If there is a strong possibility or chance that something is true or will happen, it is very likely to be true or to happen.