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What is this word contractor?

What is this word contractor?

Definition of contractor 1 : one that contracts or is party to a contract: such as. a : one that contracts to perform work or provide supplies. b : one that contracts to erect buildings.

Who are called contractors?

A contractor is a person or company that does work for other people or organizations. [business]

Why do we use contractor?

Advantages of contracting and subcontracting You can hire a contractor and/or subcontractor when you need more flexibility with a specific job or task. Contracting and subcontracting allows you to obtain temporary cover for a permanent post or a work project.

What is another word for a contractor?

What is another word for contractor?

freelancer independent
outworker servicer
supplier worker

What contractor services mean?

More Definitions of Contracting services Contracting services means a building or site used for the operation and storage of materials and/or vehicles related to the industries of construction, painting, plumbing, heating, electrical, landscaping, drilling and excavation, paving, maintenance and cleaning; Sample 1.

What does contractor mean in a contract?

a person who is a party to a contract. One who enters into a contract this term is usually applied to persons who undertake to do public work, or the work for a company or corporation on a large scale, at a certain fixed price, or to furnish goods to another at a fixed or ascertained price. 2 Pardess.

What makes you a contractor?

The general rule is that an individual is an independent contractor if the payer has the right to control or direct only the result of the work and not what will be done and how it will be done. The earnings of a person who is working as an independent contractor are subject to self-employment tax.

Is contractor an employee?

Contractors. Contractors run their own business and sell their services to others, unlike employees who work in someone else’s business. Contractors — sometimes called independent contractors, sub-contractors or subbies — generally use their own processes, tools and methods to complete the work.

What does contracting mean in business?

Contracting company means an individual or entity that enters into an agreement with and hires Certified Signing Specialists to perform signing services.

What is another word for independent contractor?

Another term for an independent contractor is “freelancer.”

Who is considered a construction contractor?

Section 7026 of the Business and Professions Code defines a contractor as any person who constructs, alters, repairs, adds to, subtracts from, improves, moves, wrecks, or demolishes any building, highway, road, parking facility, railroad, excavation or other structure, project, development or improvement, or does any …