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What job is valued the most in The Giver?

What job is valued the most in The Giver?

The most valued jobs in Jonas’s community are those of the Chief Elder, the Giver and the Receiver of Memory, and the Speaker.

Do animals exist in The Giver?

In The Giver by Lois Lowry, most animals do not seem to exist in the perfect community the author has created. The only “animal” referenced in the book are fish, when one of Jonas’ friends receives the job of “fish hatchery attendant.” However, the fish are perceived more as food, than as “animals.”

Why are there no animals in The Giver?

Lily didn’t know because animals do not exist in their community. The animals were probably taken out of the community because they are wild and unpredictable. What made Father think of calling the new child by name in Chapter 2?

How is it determined who gets what job in The Giver?

Jobs in the community are selected at the Ceremony of Twelve by the Committee of Elders. The Committee watches children from the age of three to twelve and determines their job within that time period. The assignments are selected for them by a committee.

What are some jobs in the giver?

Known Assignments

  • Security Guard.
  • Director of Recreation.
  • Storyteller.
  • Assistant Director of Recreation.
  • Nurturer.
  • Law and Justice. Instructor of 1’s. Instructor of 2’s. Instructor of 3’s. Instructor of 4’s. Instructor of 5’s. Instructor of 6’s. Instructor of 7’s. Instructor of 8’s. Instructor of 9’s.
  • Doctor.
  • Engineer.

What do the Elevens get in The Giver?

Elevens are given new clothes—long trousers for the boys and “different undergarments” for the girls, who are starting to hit puberty. Twelves are children who have formally been inducted into the community as adults.

Why doesn’t Lily’s mom want her to become a birthmother in The Giver?

Overall, Lily’s mother does not want her daughter to become a Birthmother because she knows that after three years of being lazy, Lily will have a hard life as a Laborer.

What was the most important job in the community?

Jonas was selected to become the new Receiver of Memory for the Community. It was unusual because the Community only had one Receiver, and he chose his successor. Receiver was the most important job in the Community.

What is the most important job in the community in the giver Chapter 2?

As stated in Chapter 2, the Receiver is the most important elder. For example, only the Receiver can change important rules, though the other elders do not like to bother the Receiver about small things. The community has only one Receiver of Memories, and it is a very esteemed position.