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What key harmonica do blues players use?

What key harmonica do blues players use?

It’s best to get a harmonica tuned to the key of C if you’re just starting out. You’ll be able to play up to 3 octaves on a C major scale. Many of the songs you will learn are also tuned to the key of C. Most blues harmonicas are played in what’s called a “second position” or also known as a “cross harp”.

What is the most common key for blues harmonica?

Blues songs are usually in E, A, G, C or D, with E, A and G the most common. Other keys are used but these are the most common, particularly with guitar players. So, finding the correct key is educated guesswork. First, we review harmonica keys for second position blues.

Who is the best harmonica blues player?

Top 10 Blues Harmonica Players

  • Big Walter Horton.
  • Charlie Musselwhite.
  • James Cotton.
  • Sonny Boy Williamson II.
  • Paul Butterfield.
  • Junior Wells.
  • Sonny Boy Williamson.
  • Little Walter. Marian “Little” Walter Jacobs, born in Marksville, Louisiana in 1930, is the undisputed king of the blues harmonica.

Is Blues harmonica hard to learn?

Compared to other wind instruments, the harmonica is a relatively easy instrument to learn. However, to play properly, you also have to learn how to control your breath. Beginners often get easily tired when they first start learning the harmonica.

What key is best for blues?

The scales used most often for soloing in blues-influenced music are minor and major pentatonic. As its name implies, a pentatonic scale consists of five tones, as penta means ‘five’ and tonic means ‘tone’.

What kind of harmonica did Bob Dylan use?

Hohner harmonicas
Bob Dylan has played Hohner harmonicas almost exclusively from the 1950s to the present day.

Who was the greatest harmonica player?

The 11 Best Harmonica Players Ever

  • Alan Wilson, Essential link.
  • Indiara Sfair, Essential link.
  • Big Mama Thornton, Essential link.
  • Paul Butterfield, Essential link.
  • Sonny Boy Williamson, Essential link.
  • Phil Wiggins, Essential link.
  • Bob Dylan, Essential link.
  • Toots Thielemans, Essential link.

Who is the greatest harmonica player?

Is harmonica harder than guitar?

When it comes down to it, harmonica vs guitar difficulty are about the same. Breathing is going to be more difficult for harmonica because it’s a wind instrument but fingers and dexterity are going to be more difficult with guitar because of the string instrument that you play with your hands.

Who are the most famous harmonica players in the world?

Szlapzynski or Zlap as he is known in the musical circles is an impressive player that is comfortable playing the harmonica in almost all imaginable genres. He has a one of a kind playing style that is both eclectic and contemporary, as well as deeply rooted in blues music. He is one of the most popular harmonicists in France and Europe.

What kind of music can you play with a harmonica?

A harmonica is a versatile, compact, light-weight, hand-held melody maker that’s been used from work songs to blues to jazz and rock ‘n’ roll since the instruments were mass produced in the 19 th century by Hohner. And while there are many who’ve played the thing and banged a few notes out, few have truly mastered it.

Who is the godfather of the blues harmonica?

He listened and understood blues. Little Walter is the Godfather of blues harmonica! He stands alone as the one who transformed blues harmonica playing from a un-amplified, background, sideman instrument, to an amplified lead instrument that could solo with power alongside the other amplified instruments of the band.

What does the harmonica of Paul Butterfield sound like?

Harmonica playing can sound like a lot of different styles. It can sing like a sad man staring at the river. It can sound forlorn like a funeral. Or it can shriek for joy like a celebratory birthday party. But when Paul Butterfield plays the harmonica, it sounds like straight-up rock ‘n’ roll.