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What kind of jobs allow you to work alone?

What kind of jobs allow you to work alone?

19 jobs where you work alone

  • Pet sitter.
  • Data entry clerk.
  • Sanitation worker.
  • Transcriptionist.
  • Photographer.
  • Web designer.
  • Virtual assistant.
  • Graphic designer.

What is an individual occupational requirement?

Qualification Standards are a description of the minimum requirements necessary to perform work of a particular occupation successfully and safely. These minimum requirements may include specific job-related work experience, education, medical or physical standards, training, security, and/or licensure.

What are qualification standards?

Qualification Standards. —(1) A qualification standard expresses the minimum requirements for a class of positions in terms of education, training and experience, civil service eligibility, physical fitness, and other qualities required for successful performance.

What are GS 13 requirements?

Basic Requirements for GS-13 and Above At least 1 year of that experience must have been specialized experience at or equivalent to work at the next lower level of the position, and must have provided the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform successfully the work of the position.

What jobs dont require people?

15 jobs with no customer interaction

  • Transcriptionist. National average salary: $13.43 per hour.
  • Data entry clerk. National average salary: $14.14 per hour.
  • Blogger. National average salary: $15.36 per hour.
  • Laboratory technician. National average salary: $18.93 per hour.
  • Technical writer.
  • Truck driver.
  • Archivist.
  • Copywriter.

How do you qualify for GS 5?

GS-5: Completion of a full 4-year course of study in any field leading to a bachelor’s degree OR a combination of post-high school education and the general experience described above. One year of study is defined as 30 earned semester hours or 45 earned quarter hours.

What is first level eligibility?

Passing the professional level exams qualifies you for both first level (clerical, custodial, and trade) and second level (scientific, technical, and professional) positions. Passing the subprofessional exams only qualifies you for first level positions.

What are first level positions?

First Level Positions – shall include clerical, trades and crafts, and custodial service which involve sub-professional work in a non-supervisory or supervisory capacity.

What does an NH 3 make?

How much does a NH-03 in United States make? The highest salary for a NH-03 in United States is $92,529 per year. The lowest salary for a NH-03 in United States is $26,194 per year.