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What nationality is Tsonga?

What nationality is Tsonga?

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga/Nationality

How old is Tsonga?

36 years (April 17, 1985)
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga/Age

What country speaks Xitsonga?

The Xitsonga language has been standardised for both academic and home use. Tsonga is an official language of South Africa, and under the name “Shangani” it is recognised as an official language in the Constitution of Zimbabwe….Tsonga language.

Native to Eswatini Mozambique South Africa Zimbabwe

What happened to Jo Wilfried Tsonga?

Tsonga now suffers from a chronic back condition stemming from calcified ligaments in his back, which ultimately causes inflammation and other issues. That is the only time Tsonga has even won a set in the six matches he has played since his return.

Is it Tsonga or Xitsonga?

Tsonga (/ˈtsɒŋɡə, ˈtsɔː-/) or Xitsonga (Tsonga: Xitsonga) as an endonym, is a Bantu language spoken by the Tsonga people of southern Africa. It is mutually intelligible with Tswa and Ronga and the name “Tsonga” is often used as a cover term for all three, also sometimes referred to as Tswa-Ronga.

Where is Xitsonga?

Kwihi is a Xitsonga word meaning “Where” in English. Where —interrog.

What kind of sport does Jo Wilfried Tsonga play?

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Ethnicity: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is a French professional tennis player. His father, Didier Tsonga, was a Congolese handball player, who moved to France in the 1970s to play handball.

Where was Jo Wilfried Tsonga born and raised?

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga was born on April 17, 1985, in Le Mans, France. He was born to Congolese father, Didier Tsonga. Later his father moved to France to play handball. And his mother Évelyne, an educator is originally from France.

When did Jo Wilfried Tsonga win a gold medal?

This tennis player has also won Silver gold medal in doubles in 2012 London Olympics games. He was recently ranked No. 19 best tennis player on 29 th January 2018. In this article, you will learn about the tennis player Jo Wilfried Tsonga Family Pictures, about his father, mother, wife, baby, brother and sister.

Who is Jo Wilfried Tsonga’s cousin in football?

His footballing cousin is Maël Lépicier who plays for Congo. Tsonga and Gaël Monfils developed a good friendship from a young age, when they enjoyed mimicking all the tennis greats of the past.