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What race is draculaura?

What race is draculaura?

Background. Draculaura is the biological daughter of Camille and Gaius, human residents in Romania, 1,600 years ago. It so happens that Gaius, a Roman soldier, is the great-great-grandson of Trajan, one of Dracula’s servants and friend.

Does Clawdeen love draculaura?

Draculaura asks if a carnivore like her can be in love, and then Frankie asks if she fell in love with a human, and Clawdeen nods, still dreaming about her crush. Clawdeen says “It was just happy feelings, though.” Clawdeen says that her heart began to overflow with love for him because they went on the date.

What is the most popular character in Monster High?

Another of the most popular Monster High characters is Draculaura, a vampire whose father is none other than Count Dracula , who founded the Monster High school. She has dark hair with pink streaks and always wears a ponytail. She has light pink skin and, like Clawdeen Wolf, she also has sharp fangs and pointed ears.

What are the names of the pets in Monster High?

Monster High Pets. Next, you’ll find a list of names of Monster High’s pets and who they belong to: Azura: Nefera’s scarab beetle. Captain Penny: Robecca’s robot penguin. Cawtion: River Styxx’s raven. Chewlian: Venus McFlytrap’s venus flytrap. Count Fabulous: Draculaura’s bat. Crescent: Clawdeen’s cat.

Are there any other schools like Monster High?

Recently, Monster High has gone through a merge with the vampire-only school Belfry Prep, and the werewolf-only school Crescent Moon High. The latter two schools have been absorbed into the Monster High identity.

Where does the name Monster High come from?

Her name comes from “specter”, which means ghost, and her surname is a well-known ghostly family name. This Monster High character is the daughter of a werecat and is the antagonist in the series, which is why she hasn’t got a great relationship with some of the other characters.