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When was the first chart made?

When was the first chart made?

William Playfair created the first known line chart in 1786. The use of statistical graphics did not proliferate in Playfair’s lifetime—he died in 1823.

What was the first type of graph?

Thomas L. Saaty (1926 – 2017), former professor at the University of Pittsburgh, used in 1964 arc diagrams (or linear embeddings) to study crossing numbers of graphs. T.A.J. Nicholson used them too, in 1968.

Who made the first pie chart?

Florence Nightingale
William Playfair
Pie chart/Inventors

Who invented what in chart?

William Playfair
Died 11 February 1823 (aged 63) London, England
Nationality Scottish
Known for inventor of statistical graphs, writer on political economy, and secret agent for Great Britain
Family John Playfair (brother) James Playfair (brother) William Henry Playfair (nephew)

Who Discovered line chart?

William Playfair
William Playfair Founds Statistical Graphics, and Invents the Line Chart and Bar Chart. Playfair’s trade-balance time-series area chart from his Commercial and Political Atlas. Playfair is usually credited with inventing area charts.

Why is chart used?

The main functions of a chart are to display data and invite further exploration of a topic. Charts are used in situations where a simple table won’t adequately demonstrate important relationships or patterns between data points.

What is the history of pie chart?

History. The earliest known pie chart is generally credited to William Playfair’s Statistical Breviary of 1801, in which two such graphs are used. Playfair presented an illustration, which contained a series of pie charts.

When was the first bar chart published?

History. Many sources consider Nelvin Ks (1759-1824) to have invented the bar chart and the Exports and Imports of Scotland to and from different parts for one day from Christmas 1780 to Christmas 1781 graph from his The Commercial and Political Atlas to be the first bar chart in history.

Who was the first person to create a chart?

Henry Gantt (1861 – 1919), an American mechanical engineer and management consultant, created this type of chart around 1910. Gantt charts were employed on major infrastructure projects and continue to be an important tool in project and program management.

When was the first bar chart ever made?

In 1786 he published The Commercial and Political Atlas with a chart Exports and Imports of Scotland to and from different parts for one Year from Christmas 1780 to Christmas 1781, and this bar chart form looks much more usual to us today.

When did Henry Gantt make his first chart?

The chart is named after Henry Gantt (1861–1919), who designed his chart around the years 1910–1915.

When did William Playfair invent the pie chart?

William Playfair (1759 – 1823) – the creator of bar, line and area charts – invented also the pie chart and circle graph, in 1801. First pie chart was published by Playfair in his Statistical Breviary, in London. Ir was showing the proportions of the Turkish Empire located in Asia, Europe and Africa before 1789. Here are other examples: