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Where did the name Kanawha come from?

Where did the name Kanawha come from?

The proposed name of “Kanawha” was based on the prominence of the Kanawha River running through the area (itself named after the local Canawagh, or Kanawha, Indian band, which had abandoned the area sometime after 1780) and was originally proposed by a committee of the founding convention as the name for the new state.

Where is Kanawha?

The Kanawha River begins near the town of Gauley Bridge in northwestern Fayette County, above Kanawha Falls. The River is formed by the confluence of the New and the Gauley rivers and flows north and west to join the Ohio River at Point Pleasant, in Mason County.

How do you pronounce the Kanawha River in West Virginia?

Kanawha River – The Kanawha River ( kə-NAW-ə) is a tributary of the Ohio River, approximately 97 mi (156 km) long, in the U.S.

What does the Kanawha flow into?

Ohio River
Kanawha River/Mouths

Kanawha River, river formed at Gauley Bridge, West Virginia, U.S., by the confluence of the New and Gauley rivers. It flows 97 miles (156 km) in a northwesterly direction to enter the Ohio River at Point Pleasant.

What does Potomac mean in Native American?

place where people trade
Potomac – Potomac is a European spelling of an Algonquian name for a tribe subject to the Powhatan confederacy, that inhabited the upper reaches of the Northern Neck in the vicinity of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Some accounts say the name means “place where people trade” or “the place to which tribute is brought”.

What is the meaning of Kanawha?

new water
One source states that Kanawha is a Shawnee word meaning “new water,” while another claims it is a Catawba word meaning “friendly brother.”

How do you pronounce Hurricane WV?

Locals pronounce the town (HURR-i-KINN) not (HURR-i-CANE).

Is Patapsco an Indian name?

Patapsco – the name Patapsco is derived from pota-psk-ut, which translates to “backwater” or “tide covered with froth” in Algonquian dialect. Patuxent – named for the Patuxent people. The historical Pamunkey tribe was part of the Powhatan paramountcy, made up of Algonquian-speaking tribes.

What does Chesapeake mean in Native American?

The word Chesepiooc is an Algonquian word referring to a village “at a big river.” The name “Chesapeake” may refer to the Chesepian or Chesapeake people, a Native American tribe who inhabited the area surrounding what is now known as Hampton Roads, Virginia.