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Where do you run into blade trap in Phantom Hourglass?

Where do you run into blade trap in Phantom Hourglass?

Run over to the treasure chest and open it up to get a random treasure. Follow the pathway southward and you’ll run into a blade trap. Move towards it to trigger its motion, then quickly run southward. Step on the floor switch here to open up the nearby door, creating a shortcut.

How do you turn statue in Phantom Hourglass?

The nearby tablet tells you that the statues must focus their light gaze on the door. Continue to the right and you’ll find a statue. Strike it with your sword to activate it, and then tap on it to turn it. Rotate it so that it is facing northwest, causing the beam of light to shine on the locked door.

Where do you find bremeur in Phantom Hourglass?

Take the path to the north and make your way across this winding pathway, avoiding the boulders. This path will eventually lead you to the temple. Walk inside and at the far end of the room speak with the third knight, Bremeur. After chatting with him he will open up another pathway.

Where to find Wisdom Gem in Phantom Hourglass?

Once you are outside at the north side of Molida Island, use the shovel to dig up the mark in the grass just to the left. This creates a secret hole so go ahead and drop down. Open the treasure chest you find here to collect a Wisdom Gem.

How to get square crystal in Phantom Hourglass?

First pull the one at top, then the one at the bottom, followed by the one to the right, and finally the one to the left. When all four levers have been pulled a treasure chest will appear in the center of the room. Open it to get the square crystal. Much like when holding the Big Key, you won’t be able to move as quickly while carrying this item.

How to get back to first floor in Phantom Hourglass?

Hit the Shell Beast on the platform so that you knock it off the ledge and then step onto the next platform. While riding the platform, use the Boomerang to hit the nearby crystal switch, changing it to blue. Then step onto the next moving platform and ride it westward. Climb up the steps here to get back to the first floor.

What does grappling hook do in Legend of Zelda?

The functions of the Grappling Hook mainly focus on its ability to carry Link over long distances or gaps. You can tie a rope between two wooden pegs, creating a walkable tightrope, latch onto heavy objects (chests, torches, pegs), soaring over gaps, and form a giant-sized slingshot with which to launch Link onto tall ledges.