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Where is the spare tire on a 2005 Mini Cooper S?

Where is the spare tire on a 2005 Mini Cooper S?

As for where is your spare tire, – For regular BMW Mini Coopers the spare tire is located hanging underneath the rear of the car. You can access it by opening your trunk and using the tire tools that come with your MINI, lower the tire from the inside of your trunk.

Why does my Mini Cooper not have a spare tire?

Only the sporty version known as Mini Cooper S isn’t fitted with a spare tire, but it comes with run flat tires. This is because the battery was moved to the rear to make room for the supercharger under the hood.

How do you get the spare tire off a Mini Cooper?

Screw the lifting handle clockwise onto the threads of the hole and lift the handle slightly to reveal the securing springs. Squeeze in on both securing springs while holding up the lifting handle. Lower the spare tire with the lifting handle slowly. Unscrew the lifting handle counterclockwise.

Is there a spare wheel on a mini one?

IIRC the new Mini doesn’t have a spare wheel. Can of gloop and a pump only. Yes it looks as if many of these cars have the Pirelli Runflat tyres and hence no spare. Here is some info on retro-fitting a spare which seems to be possible on all models apart from the Cooper S.

Where is the jack in a Mini Cooper?

Locate the designated jacking point next to the wheel to be raised. The jacking points are small pads under the outer edge of the car body. They are located behind the front wheels and in front of the rear wheels.

Where is the jack in a MINI Cooper?

Does Mini One have spare wheel?

Do Mini Coopers have to have run flat tires?

Electric Mini comes with non run flats. If the car doesn’t have runflats it has to have a spare tire stored somewhere. Most Minis don’t have room for one, they can’t just put it on the floor of the boot it takes up too much room.

Where is the jack on a Mini Cooper?